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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
1st-Dec-2001 05:38 pm
Story Time, Kids, let me tell you all a story about an idiot. One of those special kinds of idiots who tries to make every mistake he makes look like the fault of the other person...kind of like...well, never mind, I'm beyond that now. Anyway, this guy, will call him "Jack," cause I don't know his real name, it might be John, but I don't remember, so we'll call him Jack. Anyway, here's how the story goes:

This past summer I was cruising eBay looking for cool Jakks WWF Stuff, and I found some stuff. One of the items was a set including a WWF Heat Ring apron and orange ring ropes, along with a weapon. Anyway, I bid on Jack's auction, then I found another auction with the Buy it Now option available, so I decided to use that option to my advantage, because the BiN price was cheaper than my bid. So I did that and emailed Jack asking him to cancel my other bid on his auction. It is important to note here that my bid was the ONLY bid on his auction.

His auction finished and he hadn't canceled my bid. I get the eBay notification in my email about his finished auction, and I email Jack saying that I had asked him to cancel my bid, and that I didn't have the funds at the time to buy both sets of ropes. He emailed me back saying that I had no choice, that I had said, "I need to cancel my bid," which I had said. Note that I had also said this to three other auctioneers and never had a problem, they had all canceled my bids with no questions asked.

We get into a huge argument, my emails consisting of logic, reasoning, and common sense, his consisting of broken sentences, fractured words, and HUGE RED LETTERS. I had valid points proving that I was in the right, quotes from the eBay website, past experiences, he had points that he thought were valid, which included out of context quotes from eBay which, when I found them and saw how they had been used, were completely against what he was saying, and a lot of words in HUGE RED LETTERS.

Here's my favorite part of this story, skipping past all the idiocy which ensued between myself and Mr. Jack, he filed a Non-Paying Bidder report against me saying that he had now gotten me kicked off eBay. I email eBay telling them the situation, and, here's the best part, they email me back saying that they see where I was coming from, they removed my NPB warning, and just gave me a small warning saying to watch out next time.

But that's not the end of the story, oh no no, boys and girls, about a week ago I used BiN once more on a wrestling item, and here's that makes me laugh, about two days later I get an email from Jack saying that he has something to sell. Here is the email conversation that ensued:

Me: Are you an idiot?

He: are you an idiot, why am i?????

Me: Well, if you don't remember who I am, nor why you are an idiot, then why should I regale you with tales of your stupidity

He: i remember who u are, why are u still talkin to me, that was months ago, u dont know how to put things in the past, u big baby, no u da idiot, quit acting like a little kid

Me: Was that even a sentence? In any case, you're telling me not to act like a child when you're the one who said, and I quote from the above, "u big baby, no u da idiot"? It sounds to me like someone needs to get their own maturity in check before they go around harassing others. What's that saying about the glass house?

He: you started this first by emailing me asking me if i was stupid, so i am through with you. learn how to put things in the past, its time to move on with your life, and while you are at it why dont you try and get one. why dont you try something, it might be hard for you to do, but why dont you try to be a man and shutup. I DONT WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN, if you keep emailing us, i will turn you into ebay and tell them you are harassing me and i "will" get you kicked off ebay!

Is it just me or is it obvious that he really didn't remember who I was the first time he emailed me back, then went back and looked me up, therefore becoming the immature moron you see in his second email. I'm not going to email him back, I don't feel like dealing with his stupidity anymore. He'll probably think he's won, he hasn't, what you see here is my little victory.

One thing I want to add is our feedback. Sure, he has about 400 feedbacks and I only have 15, but here's my point, I only have one negative, the one from him, he has eleven, the one from me and TEN OTHERS, all saying basically the same thing. It's his responses to these negatives that make him sound like such an idiot. He tries snappy comebacks, which all come off as being retarded and egotistical, if you want to see what I'm talking about take a look at the feedback file of dmjejm

Moral of the Story: When you're on eBay, don't buy from DMJEJM!!! Good day
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