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Tonight was good, tonight was good...

Mom and I went to Prescott Park, Dad showed up after work, and then Tracy Lee and those girls from Reid's and the mother showed up as well, so it was a nice little clique we had.

At 5:30 there was a concert by this summer youth music program called "INJazz". Not bad, a couple of the kids were surprisingly talented, but overall...it was highly feh.

8:00, well, a little after, was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Now, I'd never actually seen this show in its entirety, the last time i "watched" it was the weekend that my mother broke her arm three years ago, and I was cooking her dinner at the time, so I wasn't really paying attention. It's a good show, surprisingly short, but good all the same. Added goodness by the fact that most of the male cast spends 98% of their stage time shirtless. A nice touch. I've now lost my train of thought...

OK, I also deposited my checks from this week, yeah, that's right, checks, Discovery decided that they were gonna put that 10 dollar bonus thing i earned on a separate check, and they took tax out! They took tax out of ten frikkin dollars! So I had a check for $8.24! Oh well, the total was over $200, so it's a good start for my belt fund.

Yes, Belt Fund, I'm taking a percentage of my earnings and putting them in my Belt Fund so's I can buy belts. Settle, it's a minor percentage.

I said SETTLE!
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