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Some quick and easy steps to a better life (steps to be added as i think of them):

Step 1: Clean out your car

Step 1, check!

Yes, that's right, people, the inside of my car is now clean! Big ups to K-Dawg for doing the majority of the cleaning (most of that shit was his anyways, from when i was driving him everywhere and living at his house), then i bought him dinner, took him home, went to cumby's and vaccuumed that mofucka out. I even put the floormats down, fuckin go me.

The finale of Last Comic Standing is tonight 8p on NBC, I urge everyone to watch and then vote for whomever you think is best, (I'm not gonna be one of those people that says, "OMGz0rz, you MUST vote for this person because he's SOOO hawt and SOOO funny, and he's OBVIOUSLY the best, and you've GOTTA vote, or i won't be your friend, fuck that shit, make up your own mind.) in MY mind, the best guy left is John Heffron, who I've been rooting for since the beginning, but yous guys can pick whomever you'd like.

In closing, chickenfarts
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