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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
17th-Dec-2001 03:04 am
I haven't updated in a while, well, since the Birthday post for my friend, but, I have had absotutely nothing to say, but here's the life update as it stands right now:

Finished one semester of Sophomore Year
Back home in New Hampshire
Hoping to see Sean next semester, and if he doesn't get in to Emmanuel I'd be driving to Horsham to drag his ass to Hooter's, and I'd make him pay for gas
Christmas is coming, and so is the freeeeee shit :)
PYLO is going great
My new Game Show Pilot starts tomorrow, Trivialities, "The Casualties of Trivia"
hmmm, what else...
Went to a Christmas party last night and saw a lot of people get shitfaced
Played Legends of Wrestling for PS2 and, through all of it's downsides, and all of the bad reviews, I still find it to be a very playable game, so thpppppppppppt to all of you
I unlocked everything in SmackDown: Just Bring It in under two weeks
I had to buy a new Memory Card strictly for SD:JBI since it takes up over half of an 8Meg Memory Card for PS2
I am Broke as all hell, my girlfriend has almost $200 in her bank account, I'm lucky to hit $40
I almost fucked up my relationship again, but I'd rather not get into that
I went from a Queen Size bed to a twin...So UnComForTaBlE!
I capitalize what I WaNt to GoDDamnIt! :)
I'm getting one share of WWF Stock for Christmas
I'm also gettin lots of other freeeeeeee shit :)
My fish are still alive
The Alewife Parking Garage can eat my ass, especially the assholes in the SUVs who park ON THE GODDAMN LINES!!! UURRRGGGGHHHH I want to Key their FUCKING CARS!!! FUCK YOU AND YOUR FORD EXPLORER AND YOUR MERCEDES BIG PIECE OF SHIT!!!! BLARGLEGRRRRR
I'd better get a room next semester or the shit is gonna hit the fan
It's 3AM which means bedtime for me, goodnight...
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