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Welcome to hell...The Divided States of Halliburton, a country run by a man with the intellectual prowess of a spoon.

Hey! Did you know that I'm a threat?! It's true! I'm a threat to good wholesome american *coughchristiancough* values! Dig that!

I, personally, would like to apologize. I want to say, "I'm Sorry" to the rest of the world. This was not my doing, I certainly didn't vote republican, but most of us did. Why? I do not know, but it happened...and I apologize.

I don't know why this happened. No one planned on this, every pundit, every expert, every analyst was predicting that the major turnout would favor Kerry. They even used the NFL as a guide!

If God is speaking to us through the mouth of George W. Bush...I am SO glad I stopped going to church years ago. It's rather humorous, I think, how these religious zealots, let's call them...ohhhh...The Christian Right, preach their religion as if it were the only correct one in the world, and tell us how we must follow it strictly, or else we shall be cast into the eternal fires of a damnable hell (a place I'm, apparently, going to anyway, see point number two), and yet they seem to forget the most basic of rules when they don't serve their current purpose. Uhm, "Though Shalt Not Kill"...anyone??

By the way, I think they were airing a special on White House TV last night...I believe it was called, "Oh no! They're Ass-Fucking!"

If you need some entertainment today, go here: http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/news/election2004.jsp?feature=ne_election5, right click the picture of the president and first lady waving, click properties, and look at the filename. Then realize that Netscape's on our side...

Last night I was baffled. I watched CNN until 4 in the morning scratching my head and wondering why, wondering why 51% of the american population was dumber than me. Wondering just how this had happened. I sat here, in this chair, taking note of the fact that exit polls were saying that people were voting mostly on moral values, and wondering why, if that were the case, that we were still losing. It makes no sense to me that we lost, but we did, and so we'll have to live with that. For the next four years, just as the previous four years, we're being led by a man who thinks the word "nuclear" is spelled with all u's, a man who thinks hot man-on-man action is an ABOMINATION in the eyes of the lord, whether or not the man...or the other man, actually want to be there, a man who, in his brightest moments, giggles and smirks like a four year old who's just gotten his way by screaming, yelling and throwing a tantrum.

Welcome to hell...

Just think about it this way, if we still have a country in which to vote in 2008, he won't be on the ballot!
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