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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
We're from New York, we're Tough! We're from Texas, we like things big! Well we're from Indiana and we're...gonna move... 
9th-Dec-2004 08:20 pm
Gueeeeeeeesssss what folks! Thaaaaaat's right! Mom's online doin her student loan thing sooooooo it's time for another hair-raising round oooofffff...BRAIN BARF!

Firstly, I have indeed noticed that I've been posting a lot more frequently than usual, of late...don't expect it to last, I sure don't

We're approaching my favorite holiday of all, and that means that, quickly following that, comes my annual Year in Review! I'm sure...it'll be fun

I did ALL my wrapping today and, barring the one remaining thing I need to buy for my parents, I am DONE with Christmas shopping. Go me!

I swear, people, if I don't get either the 24 season 3 DVD or the 24 Score CD...sum-budda gon' get hurt...

By the way, Shirley Corriher, Food Scientist to the Stars...The COOLEST Lady on Earth...BAR none...

Have you noticed yet that i fucking love christmas?!

Red Sox World Series Monopoly...I must have it...it must be mine!

My christmas wish from, like, four posts ago...yep...still stands...

Ooh! Good timing here, there's New Zen today! ClickyMEE!

Mom bought me a Red Sox World Series Champions beanbag bear...very cool

Working my ass off through Christmas, pretty much, including workin' til close on ChrizzyEve...hooooopefully I'll be able to get out earlier than that, like 4:30, so's I can head over to Kirby's without holding them up like I did last year.

Christmas last year was quite interesting, worked to close at Strawberries, spent the last hour or two putting up New Year's Sale signs, only to go back in the day AFTER Christmas to find all my signs taken down! That was a good day, too, finding out they were closing Da Berries and utterly giving up on giving a shit about the customers. I distinctly remember Nick and I standing at the register chatting, swearing freely, with a customer standing at the register. Fun times, nigga, fun times :)

Criminy, I'm so glad I was only sick for, like, three days, cause I haaaaaaaaaaaaate being sick. Leik wo, kiddos, leik frikkin wo. I feel much better now, sore throat's pretty much gone, still coughin a bit, and I been blowin my nose all day, but...WOO health!

Oh, by the way, if you haven't heard...WOOCHRISTMAS

I made things a bit more festive at Kirbo's house today by dropping off his and Liz' presents and putting them under his little tree...ubersweetness

Jeez, y'think I've mentioned christmas enough in this thing? I should rename this the special CHRISTMAS BARF edition...

OH! Got a joke for ya, ready? Here goes...

A baby seal walked into a club.

I'll tell you, the reason I didn't like The West Wing when it first aired was because I saw it as taking Sports Night's spot. So I guess I was...jealous...oh well, i realize my mistake

Anyone else been having the issue that when you send pictures through the Direct Connect on AIM that they don't actually go through? You see 'em on your own screen, but the person getting them doesn't...get them? Is that just me?

I love Jakk's Pacific for making Jim Neidhart and Marty Jannetty figures...when I saw the Classic Tag Teams sittin there on the peghook at Toys R Us...I tell ya, folks, I think I squeed...out loud...

Anybody know anything about the hardcover Calvin & Hobbes compilation that's supposed to be coming out? Actually, cp_journalcomic, I think you were the one i heard about it from...got anything?

I lurrrves my teeny ps2...

Curb Your Enthusiasm...funny shit, peeps

I...still have Candy Corn...

"Nothin, Mom...I'm just goin outside for a little whiiiile!"

Chicken pickle fargenblargen

Ooooh, time for SmackDown!

Anyone who can send me a WMA or an MP3 of a song called "The Angle" by Core...BEST fuckin friend I'll be :)

So far...Armageddon's intruiged me...but not enough for me to actually buy it...we'll see...

I didn't realize Shannon Moore was still in WWE

This is the one issue with these Brain Barf's..I absolutely run out of things to talk about...BUT that's ok cause my mother's offline finally...Given the length of this expect my next entry to be...2006...
9th-Dec-2004 06:29 pm (UTC)
i know what youre thinking...Indiana....mafia

but we did have something very similar to the mafia....4H
9th-Dec-2004 11:49 pm (UTC)
oh my goooddd...i can't see anything!

Hmmm...this tastes like Wax!
10th-Dec-2004 12:07 am (UTC)
but..if we give the alien a cold

ok..im really going to bed now
10th-Dec-2004 12:26 am (UTC)
yes...bed...Frosted Flakes
9th-Dec-2004 11:50 pm (UTC)
OH! And my personal favorite:

Why is it that whenever you're single all you see is couples...and when you're in a couple, all you see is hookers?
9th-Dec-2004 10:09 pm (UTC)
A baby seal walked into a club.

LMFAO. *fucking dies*
9th-Dec-2004 11:50 pm (UTC)
isn't that AWESOME?!

I can't take credit for it, though
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