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No Sleep for Me...

If you really don't care about my personal life, skip right past this entry, I just need to get this out...

Any of you males with significant others will understand the confusion running rampant in my mind right now...I mean no offense to anyone, especially my girlfriend, who I assume will read this, but the female gender confuses me, they say that they need to talk, then tell you that what they're feeling can't be put into words. I really don't want this to be the end of the longest relationship the two of us have ever been in, a year and seven months, and this has definitely been the better of the two relationships I've been in. And I don't want it to end this way...a botched phone call where I wasn't paying attention to her. Because I kept her on the phone cause I just wanted to hear the sound of her voice, because I wasn't listening to what she was saying, just letting her tone and inflection wash all my troubles away. Those of you who know me personally, especially one of you, know how much she means to me, to the rest of you, no words can describe the devotion I have to this woman. I don't want it to end this way, but I fear that it may. There isn't one word to describe my emotions right now, I'm confused, sad, somewhat depressed, mad at myself, I don't know. What do I do, just what do I do? Why do I always screw up the good things that happen to me, and I've really done it this time. God damnit...

No witty sayings this time, I'm not up to it...
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