28-year-old wannabe success story (thelegendarystm) wrote,
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This post is depressing...you have been warned...

I want to hold you close, while you sleep at night
make sure you know everything's alright

Today was alright, though I couldn't play MVP cause Dad spent the entire day playing Gran Turismo 4...oh well...

Worked tonight, aaaaaaaaand that's it, really...twas a horribly un-interesting day...

I'm broke...no, it has nothing to do with the belt (though you can still vote on the poll)

Other than that...I really want to snuggle...but, what else is new...

I'm a lonely boy...

Christ I'm depressing...

Let's try to lighten this up a bit...uhm...i got nothin...
Tags: money, singledom, video games
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