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It does this or it gets the hose again...

Evenin, yall, Mom's online for who knows how long, therefore it's time for another edition of all the spew that's fit to print...that's right, peepsicles, it's Brain Barf time!

So the FleetCenter has a brand new name, the "TD BankNorth Garden"...yeah... Doesn't that just rollll off the tongue? Sure, they're hoping people will just call it "The Garden" but dudes, "The Garden" is "The Garden" and there's never gonna be another. Ah well, what's done is done...

So, Good day today. My tax check cleared, so I did a wee bit of shopping. I went to the store to get my paycheck, and bought a portable DVD player. Works great, I already used it :) And, hey, I got the money, and I get the 30% discount, so it was $210. Ninety bucks off, I'll take it.

I'm not getting the belt until my room is finished. Cleaned and rearranged, so there is STILL time to vote on that poll o' mine. :P

This weekend is Lisa's shower, should be rather kickass, I'm looking forward to hanging out with some old pals.


I need another part-time job, or a full timer. I applied at Spencer's yesterday, but that's probably not gonna materialize into anything.

Why in the hell are the LA Lakers wearing baby blue jerseys?!

I love lamp!

Ahhh, Cheers...how I miss GOOD television comedy...

I haven't done any cleaning in my room for, like, three weeks...i've either been working, over-sleeping, or chillin with kirby...NEXT week! Next week i MUST clean! (I've already called bullshit, so you can't :P)

House M.D., WATCH House M.D., watch it every week, watch it religiously, Tuesdays, 9pm, on Fox, WATCH...IT...

Hey, remember when Full House was good? When was that? Yesterday? YES!

Haaaaa, kidding...or AM i?! Oooooh, it's a mystery...just how lame AM i?!

How ironic is it that I got a spam email the other night that was titled "Reduce Spam"?

Huzzah! Preseason Baseball! First game of the year, first game since 1919 as World Champions, GOD it feels good...

Who's seen the new Michelob Amber Boc ad? The "Smooth, but not Rich; Rich, but not Smooth" ad with the two dogs. Hilarious...

Have I mentioned recently that I love my job? Cause I do. Whenever Jane gets a bonus she does something to share it with the rest of us, she's bought snacks for the back room, around Christmas we all got Dunkies gift cards. Well, attached to my check today was a 10 dollar Panera gift card. Huzzah work! :)

Y'know what I think would be a fun/interesting job? Working at a porn store...personally, I think that would be funny as hell, AND...hey, can't go wrong with an employee discount :P

I still think it would be kickass to work in the radio, too...

So good to see Varitek back...Oh Captain, My Captain ;)

The other night I bought some of those DSkin thingies, if you don't know what they are it's an orange plastic circle with some thin clear plastic attached to the bottom. You put them on the bottom of your CDs, the orange plastic secures it in place with some built-in clips, and it protects the disc from scratches and whatnot. I figure it's a good idea, since a 20-pack was $19.99. Better to replace a 1 dollar skin than a 13+ dollar CD. Especially for some of the irreplaceable CDs I have, like the two Sonic Assembly sets, since those were one-shot deals for the nights of the concerts and shortly after.

Hey! Mom's off! Bout time! ;)
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