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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Random Stuff 
2nd-Jan-2002 03:14 pm
Weird. My login expiration changed to Session Only, my computer ahs been randomly logging me out of Yahoo and other stuff...hmmm.

Also, I hate my cable system, some time in the past year they switched from leasing Game Show Network out only when they needed to, to going 12-12. That means that from Midnight to Noon channel 68 is stoopid-assed infomercials, and from noon to midnight it's those wonderful game shows. God how I need digital cable.

I also got quoted in Tom's journal, FINALLY, go check out buythesnow in my Friends page.

I want to be a game show host...I'm serious...why are all the game shows in California and I'm stuck here in New Hampshire? I NEED TO TAKE OVER FOR LOUIE ANDERSON, he's ruining the Family Feud legacy...and he's too damned fat...and he has a voice and face that scare small children. Remember? You saw young kids on Dawson and Combs's Feuds, on Louie's? Hell no! He scares them! They think he's gonna eat them!!! I'm good with kids, let me host, god damnit!!!
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