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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
You own my heart and you don't even know it, you could kill me with a kiss... 
16th-Mar-2005 02:32 am
So, good night, had a great night at Jane's, followed by a good night at Muddys, watchin Mike's band play.

other than that...I got a haircut, and that was it :)

Jane's dog, Russell, finally likes me. It was kind of funny. I got there tonight, and ended up having to go back home, cause I forgot to put all my stuff back in my pockets after my nap. So, before I left, Russell was doing his usual "bark at the big stranger" routine, being all skittish and such, he's a miniature greyhound, by the by. As I was leaving he was trying to push me down the stairs, too, but that's another story... When I get back from getting my stuff I get all re-settled and what not, I sit on the couch to watch Jason and Robert play some Star Wars game on the PSX, and Russell comes right over and hops up on the couch, curls up and lays right next to me. Crazy dog.

Other than that, a Scotty Dog insisted on humping my leg repeatedly...needless to say, it's the most action i've gotten in months...how much does MY life rule...yeah...

Other than that, there was some bleh stuff that happened, but we needn't get into that :)

I downloaded the Firefox browser, by the by, kicks MSIE's asssss

16th-Mar-2005 11:36 am (UTC)
glad u had fun!! sorry i missed u on-line!!

firefox certainly does rock!!
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