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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
The cool breeze from the window blew across the back of my neck. It reminded me of the time we spent together, and how much I miss your touch... 
28th-Mar-2005 02:26 am
Satchel by BrainySmurf

1. Lady Red Light in my Pants - Great White
2. Godzilla in my Pants - Blue Oyster Cult
3. Good Eats in my Pants - TV Theme
4. Man on the Silver Mountain in my Pants - Dio
5. Moon Dance in my Pants - Van Morrison
6. Stupid Girl in my Pants - Cold
7. Gee, Officer Krupke in my Pants - West Side Story
8. Take Five in my Pants - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
9. I did it my Way in my Pants - Frank Sinatra
10. Trogdor in my Pants - StrongBad
11. Smokin' on a Night Train, Chewin on a Jelly Roll in my Pants - Mississippi Gary
12. See you in September in my Pants - The Tempos
13. Good Enough in my Pants - Taking Back Sunday
14. Hard to Handle in my Pants - Black Crowes
15. Mr. Perfect in my Pants - WWF Theme
16. One in my Pants - Metallica
17. Message in a Bottle in my Pants - The Police
18. Mack the Knife in my Pants - Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
19. blackout in my Pants - (hed)P.E.
20. Waiting for a Girl Like You in my Pants - Foreigner
21. Secret Agent Man in my Pants - Tom Jones
22. True to the Game in my Pants - Madball
23. Big Fat Friend in my Pants - Stephen Lynch
24. A Drag in D Flat in my Pants - Saves the Day
25. Crazy Little Thing Called Love in my Pants - Roy Orbison

Now that that's out of the way...

The ham came out awwwwwwesome (sorry Nycholle ;]), for my first time cooking a ham, i am proud :)

I'm thirsty, and I'm out of Dew...*grumble*

Man, April 3rd's gonna kick ass...WrestleMania, the Sox opener, Good Times, Nan Ling, and hangin out with Sean...can life get better? I submit that it canNOT!

Well, yeah it could...but Sean's not THAT kind of friend...:P


I love Robot Chicken... :D

Ahh, Super Sloppy Double Dare, when a base question in the first round was worth a WHOPPING ten dollars...

Backlash Countdown: 1 Month 4 Days
28th-Mar-2005 08:53 pm (UTC)
[in best monster truck announcer voice:]

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