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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
So I don't have a title for this entry...can you DEAL WITH THAT?! 
2nd-Apr-2005 03:07 am
So work didn't suck as bad as i thought it was gonna...we didn't come anywhere CLOSE to making the day, but Liz came and gave me my gift (a 20 dollah gift certificate to Kim Lai), and we chatted for a bit, and good times good times...it put me in a good mood which still remains...

Being told you look thinner's a nice pick-me-up too :P

I sold back my Cube, Sonic, Donkey Konga, Day of Reckoning, two memory cards, the Bongos, and a wavebird, and got 70 bucks. Woulda been over 90 if I'd gotten store credit, but they subtract 20 percent when you get cash instead. Tomorrow I gotta go back and sell back my Game Boy Player (I forgot to grab the Startup disc for it) and Freekstyle for the PS2 (A game I bought and never played, but they couldn't take it cause it was still factory sealed), and then I'll have a bit more cash.

God, on all the cable news channels it's like "POPEWATCH: Pope Near Death...the over under is 6 hours...place your bets!" Do we really need 24 hour coverage about whether or not the guy's kacked out? When he croaks, just cut in! Sheesh!

Mmmmmmmmmmm...frozen thin mint cookies...


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