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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
30th-Jun-2005 02:35 am
*does the happy shiny new PSP dance*


Yes, new PSP, I even got the special ed PSP, with the weirded up earbuds. Let's see if I can explain what happened. Alright, take the letter Y, two out the top, one out the bottom. well somehow they managed to take the cord and put it up out one of the top bits, so one ear bud is out the top, and the other is out the bottom. Also...the earbud out the top only has about three inches of cord, while the one out the bottom has a foot-long cord...quite funny, actually...i love my special ed earbuds :)

So I got the PSP and a kickarse game called "Lumines" and paid $107 and change for the lot. Gotta love store credit, huh? And heck, if I do end up winning a PSP in that contest I keep entering...the guy said I'll get $170 in credit for it, so, hey, i break more than even, baby!

Twas a good day today, I watched MST3K, the Sox won, I got a PSP...good times, mah brotha...

Also, a note to the three-asshat-caravan I ended up behind while going through Pease...
Firstly, to Asshat Number Three, in the blue volvo station wagon...I drive a 1997 Subaru Outback Sport...it is small...you can see the cars in front of me...from behind me...there was no need to ZOOM past my while I was trying to merge when my lane ended. The finger I gave you was most certainly deserved...

Secondly, to all three of you fucknuts...way to gnarl traffic at the intersection by doing a three-car U-TURN! DUMBASSES!!!

And a note to another asshat: Lisa Rosselli...is not to be fucked with...she will fuck you UP!


I provide the following link with a stern warning: You will NOT want to stop watching this:


You have been warned...

One week til my birthday...woohoo

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