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I'm not laughing, and you're not leaving...who do I think I am kidding?

Something I forgot to mention last night:

I had an $1800 sale at the store last night. A guy came in and bought SEVEN digital cameras. Six Olympus Verves for his friends (at which point I asked if I could be his friend), and once he found out he'd saved $300, the cameras were signed $299.95 and they were actually $249.95, he bought an Olympus IR300 for his wife. We made the day in that sale ALONE! The sales plan for yesterday was, like, $1361. Crazy gonuts...

yes, i'm feeling better ;)

In other news, while I was driving home from the car wash today, I saw a license plate "BUTBABE" Now...they certainly MIGHT have meant it with the emphasis on "Babe", but, certainly I, and most other people, will read that as "Butt Babe" which...on a white caravan...is kinda weird. Woulda been a moment of zen, if i had had my camera with me at the time...

It's MOIST...grah

I had veal tonight for the first time in my life...but don't tell Lisa...she'll get mad at me...

Reasons R. Kelly's New Video Epic is re TARDED:
1. He rhymes Closet with Closet FOUR TIMES in the first chapter
2. He narrates pulling out his gun...and the gun is blurred (in the first chapter, in the second and subsequent chapters the gun is in plain sight)
3. "Let's do this the christian way" says the madman waving the gun around to the gay pastor.
4. After leaving the first chick's home he "speeds home" via some of the worst-looking special effects since the fourth season finale of 24.
5. When he gets pulled over he SINGS THE SIREN NOISE (The lyric is, and I quote, "OOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOOooo...shit")
6. He gets home, grabs his wife out of the shower and they begin to have sex...her line is, and I quote again, "Oh my god...I'm about to climax"...and they BLEEPED THE WORD CLIMAX...
7. He finds a condom, in his bed, and FREAKS the fuck out...WHEN HE JUST DID THE SAME THING! Frickin hypocrite!
8. In the greatest lack of continuity ever the cop who pulls him over is the guy his wife was sleeping with...not only that but the wife somehow KNOWS that he got pulled over on the way home! Which means one of two things, either the wife is psychic and the cop is The Flash, or R. Kelly is retarded...I think you know which one I'm leaning towards...

Alright, enough of that...

I need to shave...i'm fuzzy...

It's Over!
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