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Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes, and I can take or leave them if I please

So that guy who bought all those cameras Tuesday night? Brought 'em all back Wednesday...we finished the day on Wednesday 900 dollars in the hole...wow...

In other news: Cuddles...I'm for 'em!

War of the Worlds can kiss my ass...

Ten TV Shows from my Childhood that I Miss:
1. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
2. Mr. Wizard
3. Bill Nye the Science Guy
4. Square One TV
5. The Scrabble game show
6. Beakman's World
7. American Gladiators (back when it was good, red vs. blue! not this silver vs. blue and yellow vs. purple shit)
8. GhostWriter (I saw it on Noggin last year some time, and it was AWFUL! Apparently when I was a kid, I didn't notice how bad the acting was)
9. MST3K (Thank god for Rhino Home Video)
10. The Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Alright...this ad just came on tv for this unwanted baby hotline, or something. And this girl says, "I'm 8 months pregnant and my family doesn't know!" and then, later, reveals she's 16...how the fuck does a sixteen year old keep a pregnancy from her family...y'know what...maybe i don't want to know...

New Zen! http://thelegendarystm.bravepages.com/momentsofzen/zen.html

Peace, peepsicles
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