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Ohhh, gimme the butter, baby!

So I happened to come across a Charlie Brown movie while I was flipping around channels today...man, Lucy Van Pelt was a bitch...

I wanna know where my CDs are, dag nabbit! Dang you EA!!

Y'ever want to tell someone something, but can't, because you don't want to risk losing what you've already got? I get that every time I talk to you...

I get Shower Amnesia so much...I'll be thinking about stuff and then suddenly..."Wait...did I already shampoo? Shit...better shampoo again..." and dangit...that's a waste of shampoo!

So...work tonight...with Jane...love her to death...but she and Jim are still in that disgustingly cute phase of this new relationship...and I could kinda do without that...really...

Payday Thursday...thank god...

That song "True" still makes me think of you...

Yes, all the "you"'s in this post refer to the same person...

I hope this game is over by the time I have to go to work...I'd love to see a nice come-from-behind victory :)

Guess not...gotta run!
Tags: baseball, life, money, movies, music, singledom
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