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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
On my AIM Buddy List there's a section called Best Friends, there are… 
24th-Jan-2002 11:48 pm
On my AIM Buddy List there's a section called Best Friends, there are a few people on there, and I felt like just telling them, and anyone else who ever looks at this, why they're there. You might notice a thread between some of them, but here goes:

Sean: I'm pretty sure I've told you this before, but you're like the brother I never had. You are the one who got me into all this trouble, and you were there standing by my side through the whole thing, cheering us on. Plus, I've told you some things that I would never, EVER tell anyone else, and vice versa, and, as a lot of people know, I'm not one for just letting out with personal information. I also hope you stay at Emmanuel, I can't deal with you out of a T-Ride's reach.

Tom: Kid, what is there to say. I've known you for a good five years now, you're another person I consider to be like a brother. You've been through a bunch of shit recently, but hell if you didn't come back, keep that excellent sense of humor, and just be the cool kid that you are. You never let anything get you down, not permanently anyway, and that's a damn respectable trait. I've said it before, I'll say it again, don't ever change, you are a great kid.

Trisha: Definitely a friend from the start. Though I can't remember how I met you, I'm really glad that I did. You are always really fun to be around, and you can take any conversation and liven it up. You're never hesitant to say what you feel, you've supported me through this whole thing, and you are just a light in my day. Whenever I see you I know I'm gonna smile, and that helps a lot some times. Thanks.

Jeff: T-Dogg, though you'll probably NEVER EVER see this, you impacted my life in a way that no one else has. I know that "Cool" and "Guidance Counselor" are almost never included in the same sentence, but you are, without a doubt, the coolest Guidance Counselor walking the face of this earth. I ALWAYS knew that if I needed to talk about something, anything, school or not, I could walk in to your office and you'd be there. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to be one of your students. I miss you more than anything else from PHS, and though we've both moved on, I'm glad we still, on the rare occassion that you're online, get to talk. I've got your picture on my desk, and looking at it brings back such wonderful memories that I just can't help but smile. I try not to say this unless I mean it, but I love you like you were a part of my family. Taking care of Jake was the most fun thing I've ever done, take care of that Action figure, cause as long as you've got that, I'm still a part of you.

Liz: Even though you're older than me, you're like a little sister to me. Maybe it's just because you're short, I dunno. I have you to thank almost as much as some of the staff at Wheelock for helping me to realize that I needed a change of Majors and a change of work study. As long as you remember that as mean as I get, I'm still joking, we'll be all set. All I gotta do now is get in to your profile. As much as I rag on you, I still think you're really cool.

Just some thoughts...ok
24th-Jan-2002 10:29 pm (UTC)

25th-Jan-2002 08:10 am (UTC) - BAH!
Don't GUAH me! You're younger than I, therefore...YOU BE KID!!!
25th-Jan-2002 11:37 pm (UTC) - Re: BAH!
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