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Life sucks, get a fuckin helmet

So, I've given in...I started playing World of Warcraft..I'm a Level 6 Dwarf Paladin on the Bloodhoof server...if you're on there let me know, I'm "cardinalfang", I'll put you on my list the next time I sign on.

I'm moving all my email off of AOL in preparation for my eventual move to Broadband, that and I hate AOL...so from now on if you need to email me, make it thelegendarystm@yahoo.com or thelegendarystm@hotmail.com

Prepare for me to be a selfish little whiner:

Sometimes I wish Kirby didn't have a girlfriend, just so that I would be able to go over there and hang out without being reminded of what I'm missing...

Does that make me suck?

The other day I upgraded to 100 user icons, so anyone out there with a knack for icon making, if you want to make me some...go freggin' nuts, leave 'em as comments and I'll probably use 'em, since I got 80 spaces left ;)

Hey, we won and the Yankees lost, that's a good thing...

Fuckin Hell i hate AOL...

I need to stop having crushes on people...they never ever work out...

Alright, I REALLY need to get to bed...I'm gonna be dead tomorrow...
Tags: baseball, kirby, red sox, singledom, video games, yankees
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