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I Love My Mom :)

Deleted the Screen Name so you don't harass my mom.

Mom: maybe later. I'm trying to catch up on my e-mails!
TheLegendarySTM: ok
Mom: I had 222 this morning, I'm down to 148
TheLegendarySTM: wow
Mom: are you mocking me?
TheLegendarySTM: no
TheLegendarySTM: that's impressive
Mom: ok
TheLegendarySTM: cause I know how you read
TheLegendarySTM: see, NOW I'm mocking you :P
Mom: right!
TheLegendarySTM: I might have to put this in the journal
Mom: you're nuts!
TheLegendarySTM: Your fault!
TheLegendarySTM: :-)
Mom: not me!
TheLegendarySTM: suuuuure
Mom: pbbbbth
TheLegendarySTM: you did that SO wrong
TheLegendarySTM: it's thpppppppp(b)t
Tags: im convo, mom
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