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Wankle Rotary Engine

King Kong is one of the best movies i've ever seen...wrrd up.

I only owe about 90 more bucks on my 360! :D

Y'all are probably wondering what my Christmas "Haul" was...well here goes:

Lindt Orange Truffles, $20 Barnes & Noble Gift Card, $20 Dick's Sporting Goods gift card, Daniel Tosh's CD, Cube World characters (no one's gonna know what those are), small LED Message Board, Chi Balls...I'm sure I'm forgetting some things...

Gifts: Mythbusters Season 1 DVDs, Mythbusters book, Indigo Prophecy for XBox, Win Lose or Draw TV game, a $25 Fox Run gift card, two $25 AmEx Gift "Cheques", a $30 Best Buy gift card, a bag of crap and $20 cash, and what else...

Oh yeah! My NEW CAMERA! You know, the one I've wanted to open for a couple months ;)

I used the Barnes & Noble gift card to buy the Jurassic Park box set, all three movies, so after that and my mom's discount card, I spent less than five bucks on the set, plus I got a free ticket to see King Kong, hence the first sentence of this entry.

I also used the "Cheques" and the Fox Run card to put $75 on my XBox 360, hence the second sentence of this entry.

See how everything comes together like that?

I got free popcorn, too...it was sweet...all I had to pay was $4.25 for a soda...and people wonder why i don't go to the movies that often...

Tomorrow I'm probably going to Ashley's to do gifts with her, she's very excited about what she got me ;)

Joel - I can't find the box, which means you won't have the CD-ROM or the A/V cable...so I'll sell it to you for...let's say...$120? Lemme know...I don't even know if you read this...so I'll IM you, too...yeah...

Three days til the Best Of...can ya dig it?

Most of Christmas was spent playing SmackDown vs. Raw 2006 with my cousins...that was quite fun...

Probably gonna use the best buy card to get House season one on DVD...

OK, bed now, work tomorrow...
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