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"First is worst, second is best...third is what?" "A dumb slut?"

It was a good night...after I got out of work I went over to Ashley's and exchanged gifts. I got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kite, a hat that doesn't fit ;), and the best gift ever...Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots...fuck yes.

Then we went out to dinner, at the Friendly Toast, and had a long, frank, and utterly necessary talk about everything. The talk continued as we drove around, to Best Buy, downtown, through Rye and back to her place, and finally back inside, where she went to bed and I came home.

So now I'm sittin here watchin the telly.

I used the Best Buy card my cousin gave me to get three CDs, MSI, HIM and Panic! at the Disco...good fuck times, spent eight bucks :)

I also bought a carrying bag for my camera, since I didn't want it gettin beat to shit in my pocket.

Tags: friends, life, music, tv
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