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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
What a pope! The best pope ever! The protestants are frightened of this new pope! 
30th-Jan-2006 04:54 am
Y'know, I woke up this afternoon, feelin kinda off, feelin a bit weird. I went to Best Buy to pick up a router and a wireless card for our upcoming leap from the stone age, on the way I shorted the distance to the turn lane into Pease, hit the curb and broke my left front hubcap...damn. I stopped on the way back and picked it up, put it on my car when I got back home, but then pulled out later to go get food and it went rollin across the street as I backed out of the driveway. Huzzah, i need new hubcaps...

But, yay, wireless card, router, $130, gettin $30 back in rebates, c'moooooon Friday!

If there was a wireless signal i could leech off of here, i'd be golden, but there's not...

The Royal Rumble is tonight! It better be good! The Rumble's the first major ppv of the year, and the beginning of the road to WrestleMania...if the Rumble sucks, lord knows what to expect from the rest of the year.

Isn't it fun when I write about things only, like, six of you care about? :P

Well, I'm gonna do it anyway:

OK, the column on the left is entry order, the numbers following are the number of eliminations they had, the column on the right is the order of eliminations, with who they were eliminated by in parentheses

1. Triple H - 5 1. Simon Dean (Rey&Hunter)
2. Rey Mysterio - 6 2. Psicosis (Rey)
3. Simon Dean 3. Ric Flair (Hunter)
4. Psicosis 4. Jonathan Coachman (Big Show)
5. Ric Flair 5. Sylvan (Lashley)
6. Big Show - 2 6. Lashley (Big Show&Kane)
7. Jonathan Coachman 7. Big Show (Hunter)
8. Lashley - 1 8. Kane (Hunter)
9. Kane - 1 9. Booker T (Chris Benoit)
10. Sylvan 10. RoadWarrior Animal (RVD)
11. Carlito - 2 11. Chavo Guerrero (Hunter)
12. Chris Benoit - 2 12. Tatanka (MNM)
13. Booker T 13. Trevor Murdoch (Shawn Michaels)
14. Joey Mercury - 1 14. Matt Hardy (Viscera)
15. Tatanka 15. Eugene (Benoit)
16. Johnny Nitro - 1 16. Super Crazy (Mysterio)
17. Trevor Murdoch 17. Chris Benoit (Orton)
18. Eugene 18. Viscera (Carlito&Masters)
19. RoadWarrior Animal 19. Chris Masters (Carlito)
20. Rob Van Dam - 3 20. Goldust (RVD)
21. Orlando Jordan 21. Orlando Jordan (Randy Orton)
22. Chavo Guerrero 22. Joey Mercury (Shawn Michaels)
23. Matt Hardy 23. Johnny Nitro (Shawn Michaels)
24. Super Crazy 24. Shelton Benjamin (Shawn Michaels)
25. Shawn Michaels - 4 25. Shawn Michaels (Shane McMahon)
26. Chris Masters - 1 26. Carlito (RVD)
27. Viscera - 1 27. Rob Van Dam (Rey Mysterio)
28. Shelton Benjamin 28. Triple H (Rey Mysterio)
29. Goldust 29. Randy Orton (Rey Mysterio)
30. Randy Orton - 2
30.5. Shane McMahon - 1

Hopefully that worked...

God, I can't wait for Friday...

By the way, I don't notice anyone who commented on my last entry lining up at my door naked with a bouquet of roses! :P

And I know that's not just because I live with my parents...

Goodnight, my adoring fans...*koff*
30th-Jan-2006 01:18 pm (UTC)
lmao. NH is a long way form FL. Besides no one wants me nakid in public especaly me :)
30th-Jan-2006 04:50 pm (UTC)
We missed Royal Rumble! We couldn't order it b/c Daniel had a meeting...plus we're broke until he gets paid, teehee. We kept up with it though. But Rey Mysterio won! I totally didn't expect that one, especially since he was the second one in! I was kinda hoping that it would be Randy, hehe...just cuz I think he's hot. But Rey winning is great, I love that he comes out in Eddie's low rider. It's sad though.
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