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I'm a Social Remora...

Stay with me on this...

What does a remora do? Suck on to a shark and take a ride around the ocean...basically...well, that's me...

I have a very small group of people I can call "my friends"...most of the people I know are friends by association, "Oh, he's so-and-so's friend" or "He works with so-and-so" or even, though it hasn't happened in a while, "He's so-and-so's boyfriend." And then if I stop enjoying the company of that person, I don't see any of the other people in any kind of planned social situation either.

But why is that? Well...I don't like bars, I don't like clubs, and, in person, I'm shy a hell for a while...

i need a life, fer'surrsly...

In other news, I didn't actually have to work this morning, huzzah...

Bring on the Blizzard...ecch
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