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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
My Life: 2/17/02 
17th-Feb-2002 03:26 am
Here are my thoughts at this time of the situations occuring in my daily life:

A Number One on the list is this: This is my last year at Wheelock, and I am not kidding. I'm going to apply to Emmanuel, and hopefully they'll accept me, but I can not come to Wheelock anymore, I've put up with enough crap, assholes, bitches, and an overall feeling from more than a few people that I'm no longer as welcome as I once was that it just makes me stop and think. I still want to be a teacher, but I don't want to do it here. Wheelock is not the best thing for my life any more, I've realized that, and it's time for me to move on, no matter what my parents say.

The MTEL: The MTEL can kiss my fat white ass...I think it's assinine that I have to pass the friggin thing when I'm not even going to teach in Massachusetts. But I've signed up for it and gone to the classes, and the test is only a week away, so I'm going to go through with it anyway...besides, I don't know what Emmanuel's qualification needs are anyway with that whole thing.

Dan: What a cool roommate I have, he's funny as hell, he's definitely not Arne, but I'm not saying that Arne was bad. Arne was a cool roommate too, Dan is definitely different from Arne though...in a good way, of course. No problems yet, now we have the next three months or so to get absolutely sick of each other...lol

Sean: STILL right there by my side through everything, he's given me more support than...well, I'll leave the metaphor to your own imaginations...sicko.

Mike: Given the history that most of you undoubtedly know, he angers me to the point of absolute rage. Given this I'll just say this: He wants to be my friend, I don't want to be his...if only someone would tell him that.

Tuck Everlasting: A Great show, if only the damn songs weren't so catchy...I'll be humming that music box for years to come...

Super Troopers: Go see it...it is,most definitely, the funniest movie I've ever seen...

Crossroads: Think Plague...times ten...squared...with a cherry on top...

Love: DJ and I celebrated our second anniversary on the 12th, I got her flowers and a bear, she got me a Mini WCW Title Belt...Ain't Love Grand?

SmackDown: Nine days away, we'll find out where we're sitting on Wednesday...Sean's Mother RULES! It'll either be close to our location for Raw, or back up in the Loge, but wherever it'll be cool, cause it will be my first SmackDown taping, kick ass, definitely...

nWo: What do I think of the nWo poison? I think it could be good, if done correctly, but then I remember back to the Invasion, T.L. Hopper and the GobbledyGooker, somehow I feel this will get fucked up real bad, real quick...

Rec Place: I LOVE my placement this semester. It's a trek and a half gettin out there, but I have the MOST fun when I'm there. It's in Newton, it's about a ten minute walk from the Riverside T-Stop and, more notably, $2.50 to get back, but it is such a great time. The kids are cute, the adults are cool, and it's a really nice atmosphere...

Fred Rogers: Known to the world as Mr. Rogers, of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, is getting honored with the First Ever WHEEL (Wheelock Heroes Enrich Everyone's Lives) Award, which I would love to go to! Problem is it's $100 for a ticket...GUAH!

I leave you with a quote that sums up everything nicely: "True friends are those who ask, 'How are you?' and stop and wait for an answer." Don't know who said it, but hell if it don't fit some of the situations...
17th-Feb-2002 01:18 pm (UTC)
Hey Adam,
I am going to miss those hot new red shoes.

The MTEL does suck but I hear that this nice girl is going to take the test at the same school as you. So the trip there should be good.

Why does it cost so much to see MR.Rogers? I saw him every morning when I was little and it never cost anything.


"True friends are those who ask, 'How are you?' and stop and wait for an answer." -I like that

18th-Feb-2002 08:15 am (UTC)
I'm sorry that my shoes will not return either, but I agree, the ride to the MTEL should be very nice...
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