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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
3rd-Apr-2006 02:14 am
My Notes from the Trip here, and other assorted musings...

It's 20 after 1pm on March 30th, I'm sitting here in the Worcester, MA bus terminal just kinda waitin to see where we go next. The trip's been fairly uneventful so far, all that's really happened is they changed my itinerary slightly, so instead of leaving Boston at 12:15 I left at 12:05, and I think I'm on this bus all the way to Cleveland... I don't think it'll affect my arrival time any. The driver just said the next stop is Albany, and we'll be getting there around 3:15... let's see if that holds true. Until then I'm off, this won't get posted until I'm in DeKalb, unless they have Wi-Fi access in Chicago... Later.

Lookie here, it's 3:45pm and I'm here in Albany, I've finally had lunch (should've eaten in Boston, I was starving), and there's some time before we start movin again. Something I forgot to mention before, I had a little nostalgic thing earlier, we had to stop in Newton after we left Boston, and I had forgotten that the Newton bus stop was at the Riverside T Station, which is where I used to go once a week my sophomore year at Wheelock for my placement. So that was a nice little flashback. Other than that...there's a pretty cute boy sitting right behind me, but his voice is kinda annoying... Exciting news, Andy told me last night that there's an ScW show tomorrow night that I'll get to go to, which is fantastic, and then WrestleMania on Sunday night, I say that's a heck of a way to start a vacation. And, really, what kind of bus trip vacation would it be if my phone didn't die the first day of the trip...well, it's happened again, but this time I remembered to bring my charger along...thank goodness, I won't be phoneless this entire week. There is an insanely annoying pair of people sitting in the back, i don't think they know each other, other than this trip, but they won't...fucking...shut up... Hopefully having the food in me will keep me from falling asleep between here and Buffalo...I could barely keep my eyes open between Worcester and here, but now I've got some chicken and some caffiene in me, I think I'll be good to go. Might I add there are more than a couple people on this bus I wouldn't mind takin back into the bathroom and givin' 'em the business...would you call that the 65 MPH club? Til next time...

OK, it is now just about 11pm and, after a slight delay in Rochester, NY, apparently we had to wait for another bus to come before we could leave so that we could take their passengers as well, we're on the road towards Buffalo, yes, that's right folks, I've been on the road for thirteen hours and I'm not even out of New York yet...I had forgotten just how wide this god-forsaken state is... Anyway, Buffalo, home of the Super Bowl...contender?...Buffalo Bills, lake-effect snow, spicy chicken wings and little else... Hopefully the rest of the states pass very quickly...as I recall we've got nothing but thin ones left, a quick (hopefully) stop in Erie, PA and it's on to Cleveland, Elkhart, Chicago and finally, lovely lovely De Kalb, home to two of my favorite people in the world, Northern Illinois University...and little else... A little note about Rochester that none of you are going to want to hear, I'd been feeling ill most of the way out here so far, so in Rochester I finally decided to do something about it and, during the delay, I locked myself in the bus' bathroom until I puked. And let me tell you few things in life will make you puke quicker than the smell of a bus' bathroom... Anyway! On the road to Buffalo, more updates later! Oh, by the way, I partially charged my phone in Syracuse, so it's in working condition again. Oh! Speaking of Syracuse, some fun times in their bus station. While I was eating my sandwich (which lasted me until Rochester, remember), this couple were sitting in the next row of chairs and the guy was absolutely CURSING this girl out! She was crying and he was making a huge scene, eventually the woman at the Greyhound counter had to tell him to stop cause he was upsetting the other travelers...it was nuts! OK, more updates later! :)

Very good news! It appears that our layover in Buffalo won't be that long of a layover at all! Which is good for me cause it's 11:50 and I've already spent almost 14 hours in this damn state! Apparently all we're waiting for here is a driver change and new passengers...the only bad thing is that it appears that there are a lot of people getting on...and I don't want to have to give up my free seat next to me just for some shit-ass Buffaloan... :P Other than that I realized that my puke in the waste receptacle of this bus is going interstate with me! All the way to Cleveland, baby! Speaking of Cleveland, I was wrong before, I did have to change busses once, in Syracuse, which is how I was able to get my phone charger out of my bag and plug in my phone in the terminal there. Oop, gotta run, the guy is checking tickets...

It is now 6:50am Central Standard time and we are on our way out of Elkhart, Indiana, Indiana is where Central time begins, isn't it? The Ohio border? Anyway, nothing too exciting has happened over the past few hours... I got about 3 hours of sleep between Cleveland and Elkhart, and, apparently we're now taking a 20-minute break...ok...back later.

Oh my fucking GOD! It is now 1:15pm Central time, and I'm nowhere near DeKalb...let me tell you why... Somewhere in between South Bend and Gary, Indiana, one semi rear-ended another, closing down the westward side of the highway for THREE HOURS...at least... I was supposed to get in to Chicago at 9:50am, wait a couple hours, and leave Chicago at 11:45am to get to DeKalb at 1:30...yeah, I got to Chicago at about 12:15, 12:30...half an hour after I was supposed to leave. So I do what any reasonable traveler would do, I go to the Greyhound service desk and ask when the next bus to DeKalb is... NINE FOURTY-FIVE TONIGHT...I don't fuckin think so. So I call Andy, whilst freaking the fuck out... he and Linds have a small discussion, long story short (too late) I hopped a cab and am now sitting in a Metra traine at Union Station waiting to go to Naperville so I can be picked up there. Fan-friggin-tastic... But hey, at least I made it here, and my luggage is still in one piece, and I'm alive...that counts in my book... This train's due to leave about 1:30, not sure when I'll be getting in to Naperville, but I will get to see the show tonight, instead of being stuck in Chicago... That was, by far, the most frustrating thing that's happened in the past month, so frustrating in fact I was almost crying in the bus terminal...crying to keep myself from screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs, of course. I did get my phone mostly recharged, though...

Alright, so now I'm here in DeKalb, it's 1:30am Central Daylight Time and I'm finally back online. Here's what's happened since the train:

I got picked up and we ran around, I won Linds this big blue ball, then we went to ScW, which was fantastic. Then I spent the night at Bill's house, where his cat decided to snuggle for about three minutes, then the dog wanted to cuddle saturday morning.

Saturday I somehow agreed to go to Bill's uncle's farm and help them move a tv...after that we came home and played SmackDown '06. Then we went and got sammiches and bought snacks. Then, back at Bill's house we convened, played a bunch more SmackDown, during which the Spirit of Eddie Guerrero came into my body and allowed me to come back from the brink of defeat and win the Elimination Chamber. Then we watched the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Today I woke up and watched the last two episodes of season 2 of 24 on A&E, then showered and helped move the big tv into bill's living room, then we went and bothered Crystal and picked up BJ, and went to some gaming store, and then to Barnes and Noble, and then to the "Hi Ho Mongolian Grill", which was fantastic, then Toys R Us and titty-watchin at the mall, then back to Bill's to pack up then over to Andy's for WrestleMania 22!

Mania was pretty good, except for the pillow fight, the casket match and, surprisingly enough, the outcome of the main event. That's right, people, I was actually disappointed that Triple H lost...


But now I'm here, Andy's here, Lindsay's here, there's cats, it's fantastic...

Bye bye now
3rd-Apr-2006 03:24 pm (UTC)
I hate buses
3rd-Apr-2006 05:25 pm (UTC)
It's not the bus that was bad, it's the three-hour delay ON the bus that was bad...
3rd-Apr-2006 09:55 pm (UTC)
I missed you and your snark! *hugs*
4th-Apr-2006 09:36 am (UTC)
for the next few days my snark is now half a continent closer! :P
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