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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
I got an email from my dad today: Ran into the Battye bunch at… 
19th-Feb-2002 11:49 am
I got an email from my dad today:

Ran into the Battye bunch at Shorty's Friday evening. Actually, John ran into me. Didn't get to talk much because their table was ready. He did tell me a couple of things.
He has quit teaching. Don't know what he is doing.
He also said to tell Adam "don't let me down". The teaching profession needs gifted people who believe they can make a difference.

John Battye is the man who made me want to be a teacher, he was my third and fourth grade teacher, and he is one of the coolest men I've ever met. He had a way of teaching that was just amazing to me, he made everything fun, he had incentives for doing well, and his classroom was a place where you could do whatever you wanted, as long as it was productive towards the lesson. Now that I've learned that he's really, truly quit, I feel saddened, the teaching world has lost a great member, I don't know the reason for his departure, but Greenland has lost a terrific guy.

Every time I saw him I'd tell him that he only had so long left before he could retire and I could take over for him, he will be missed I'm sure, we need more guys like him. He's an excellent influence, a great role model, and an all around wonderful human.

Don't Worry, B-Bum, I'm not gonna let you down
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