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Not just one woman, a LOTTA women!

It's fuckin' snowing...grrr

My house was depressing me, the past couple days, but I seem to be over it. I think the main reason was because I was so ready to move downstairs, and now it's not happening, there was some resentment and bitterness in there and it all boiled over into sadness. Really, though, I just need to learn not to get my hopes up, cause nothing good really ever happens to me on any consistent kind of basis.

The Royal Rumble is on tonight, that's always fun, my sentimental pick to win is CM Punk, because that would be amazing, but really, i have no idea who's gonna win this year, there are so many potential winners on the list. Of course there's the guys you know won't win, like Finlay, Viscera, the Hardy Boys, but there's a bunch of guys they could give it to, like Orton, Edge, Booker, Shawn Michaels, Benoit, RVD, Taker, The Miz...wait...

Plus, Mr. Kennedy faces Batista for the World's Heavyweight Title...if he wins, I'll cream, I swear to god.

With that said, it's been a long day, I'm going to bed.
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