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What's been goin on...

The other day on the highway I saw a guy with a Hogan Horseshoe riding in a convertible with the top down and the only thing I could think of was, "So THAT'S what happened to his hair!"

Went to a pretty kickass concert tonight (Sorry Nycholle), a band called Red opened up, and they were really good. I went downstairs after and bought their CD, but was seconds too late to get them to autograph it. Then Puddle of Mudd played, then Breaking Benjamin, but they didn't play Firefly, the bastards, and then Three Days Grace, who really didn't seem to play for very long before ending the show without an encore. Slightly lame.

I apologize for that run-on sentence, but I'm not gonna fix it.

So, it seems as though I'm good at matching up other people, yet still can't seem to find someone for myself.

Ooh, the Thunderstorm's here...if this keeps up I'll sleep well tonight.

There was something else...

Hm, it's gone. Time for bed...
Tags: life, music, singledom
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