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Coupla things

One, I got my "Conditional Acceptance" Letter from Hesser yesterday. Once I get them my high school diploma and Wheelock and Emmanuel send them my transcripts we'll be good to go. Yay!

Friday sucked, man...I was supposed to work 12-8:30 but Jane texted me at 8:20 asking me if I could come in ASAP, because the lady from Gordon Bros. was coming and she wanted to make sure everything was good to go.

Gordon Bros., by the way, is the liquidation company hired by Discovery to sell off our inventory before we shut down.

So I clocked in at 9:08, three hours before I was scheduled to. Oh boy.

Jane says I can go home once Ellen, who was coming in at 1:30, comes back from the prom. (Not her prom, mind you, her daughter is a senior and she needed to take pictures)

Ellen got back around 7 o'clock, I clocked out at 7:11.

It was a long day.

I don't think anything else is going on...
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