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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Summer of 07: Good Beginnings 
21st-Jun-2007 09:59 pm
Ah man, what a great way to start the summer!

Played some Wiffle ball today which, of course, is awesome. Started out with Corey and me, since I was his ride, then Jason arrived, then Dan and finally Kirby. I'd invited about four more people, but they're losers who didn't come play. :P

Eventually we finally settled on some "Rules", three outs by the batter and it's a new batter's turn, and played for about an hour or so until we got kicked out by the Little Leaguers who needed their field back. Jason went back to his job, Dan went to his soccer game, and Corey, Kirby and I went to "Bob" Krasko Field to kick a soccer ball around.

Tomorrow I'll probably look like a lobster, but who cares, really.

Funny story, as we were leaving the little league field Corey says to me, "That's gonna hit your car..." Completely unknowing I say, "What's gonna hi*WHAM!*" and a Foxtail bounces off my windshield and hood and hits the ground. Scared the shit out of me but, thankfully, didn't injure the car.

Then, as we're driving to Krasko, Kirby pulls up next to us at a stop light, and we start relating the story to him. Corey starts talking and this old guy behind me starts honking his horn, pointing, and yelling. We're all now completely confused until we realize that it's because Kirby has left his wallet on the back of his car roof, somehow it managed to stay there, and Corey jumped out of the car and passed it in to him.

It's been an interesting day.

Oh, also, WWE's gonna be in Manchester on August 4th, tickets range from $21-$51, anyone want to go with? Let me know ASAP, cause tickets go on sale Saturday morning.
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