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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Holy gods! 
22nd-Jul-2007 11:06 pm
What a weekend!

Woke up Saturday morning, showered, finished packing, ate lunch and hit the road. Parked the car at Uncle Rob's house, called Sean and woke him up, and into Boston we went.

After two unsuccessful attempts I managed to open the door before Sean stopped buzzing me in. I dropped my stuff and we watched the Sox win 11-2. During the game I realized that I'm the idiot who brought his laptop to Brookline and left his A/C cord in Greenland...awesome...so Sean graciously let me use his laptop instead.

After the game it was off to the T, where I had to put a $20 in the Charlie Card machine, cause that's all I had. So, with my $5 Charlie Card and 15 golden dollar coins in my pocket (My pocket fulla Sac, as it were) we were off to Kenmore to go to Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits, because we aren't lucky enough to have one of those up here.

Dinner was excellent, even if I did feel bad for paying with 11 dollar coins, and we wandered over to the Berklee Performing Arts Center for "Bill Maher: The Decider" LIVE on HBO (I hope you guys watched). We got there just about ten minutes before they opened the doors, so we hung around in the lobby, cracking jokes and laughing way too loudly.

OK, it was just me who laughed way too loudly.

Our seats were the row in front of the center-house cameras, two seats to the left. We sat there making family guy references and quoting stand-up acts until the warm-up guy came out. His name, I believe, was Jimmy Dunn and he was great. Really funny, did a bit about how guys love accents, but then had to add "Foreign, cause it's completely different if she's got an accent from Saugus or Quincy or Revere." And I realize that no one from outside New England is gonna get that joke, but fuck yall it was funny to us. Then another bit about trying to learn French. "Here's a shortcut, all you have to do is name a wine, a cheese, and a hockey player. 'Ahh, Dom Perignon Frommage Guy LeFleur!' ... But make sure you practice, don't go right out there tonight and try it, 'Uhh, Rumplemans Velveeta Bob Sweeney!'"

Then it was time for Maher. The music started and the crowd went crazy. Unfortunately, as it was throughout the night, whenever the crowd did go crazy (Like, say, bursting into applause), we couldn't hear anything he said. For an arts college the acoustics in their auditorium blow. Anyway, it was a fantastic show, he did the Hager bit he did on Comic Relief, and the Michael Jackson bit that got him kicked off Craig Ferguson that one time, and a whole lot of other funny stuff. He thanked us at the end and the music came on, we all stood and applauded, he made a curtain call, the music faded and people started leaving, until a stagehand brought out a mic stand and he came back out!

People rushed back to their seats as he apologized, "Sorry bout that, shoulda mentioned I was coming back!" He thanked us for being a great audience and said that a lot of times when it's a special people kind of freak out because of the cameras, but we were just like a regular comedy club crowd. He read some stuff from a bullshit book called "The Purpose-Driven Life" by Rick Warren, it's basically a book about how to make God happy. Great stuff, hopefully it'll be a DVD extra.

After the show we walked a whole 500 feet to Nan Ling, past a panhandler who wasn't speaking any particular language and a window with this weird asian woman playing the keyboard. I happen to think they were recording porno music, but to each their own. We grabbed our food and walked back to the apartment, stopping on the way to get a Slurpee, yay.

Once back at Sean's pad I was introduced to Sean's roommate Rob's hot-ass girlfriend Niki, and they had a lengthy and loud conversation about people who want to screw Sean. Niki had also made brownies for Rob, and we couldn't decipher the words spelled out in chocolate chips across the top. Sean and I agreed on "I ♥ Pubes" but it was, in fact, "I ♥ Rob" Oh well, the brownies were tasty. Rob came home shortly after, and he ended up being pretty hot-ass himself. The four of us shot the shit for a while, talking about stand-up comedy, the Maher show, the Carlin show Rob and Niki are going to on the Cape in the near future, more about people who want to screw Sean.

Niki and Rob went to Rob's room, Sean and I went to Sean's room. We watched the DVR'ed Maher special (so we could hear the parts during the big applauses) and ate our Ling, then we played some WiiSports, then a Mr. Show mini-marathon lasted us until 6 o'clock, when Sean decided it was time for bed. We set our alarms for 2pm, in order to watch the game, and I went to the living room to move the crap off the Futon so I could sleep.

Sleeping when its light out, in a room with no covers on the windows, ain't that easy, but i managed to sleep most of the way to 1pm. I wanted to change my clothes, cause i felt like a sweatball, but nooooooo, Sean decided, in strict defiance of my request of the night prior, to lock the door, with my stuff inside. I spent about 45 minutes messing around with the magnetic poetry on the fridge and introduced myself to Rachel, Sean's other roommate. And, yeah, I'd hit that, too.

Shortly after 2 I knocked on Sean's door and he let me in. I changed and we watched the ballgame (Sox won, 8-5), then it was time to hit the T. I missed the first train out, which arrived the same time I did, by getting stuck behind some slow-walking motherfuckers.

Uncle picked me up at Alewife, we went back to his house, I played some Wii with my cousins, had dinner, came home and typed this up.

Now it's time to watch the Great American Bash.
I'd say that pretty well sums things up. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go listen to the new Wyckyd Sceptre CD and watch this old movie called "The Story of the Story of the Story of Everest"...
THREE times, you idiot, you weren't here for the first!
PS you have hot roommates
23rd-Jul-2007 09:01 pm (UTC)

First... SEAN decided it was time for bed? I don't believe it! Lol.

Second... honestly, who doesn't want to screw Sean? Lmao! LUV YA, SEAN!
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