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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
My best rejection ever... 
11th-Mar-2002 12:00 am
Here's a conversation between me and a girl who previously made a comment which subsequently made me despise her (Screen Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Ignorant):

stankassho1ho7 (11:15:52 PM): hey sorry about last week
TheLegendarySTM (11:15:58 PM): uh huh
stankassho1ho7 (11:16:15 PM): i shouldnt have said that. i was just mad and i apologize
TheLegendarySTM (11:16:32 PM): as you should
stankassho1ho7 (11:17:35 PM): i went to new york this weekend and i brought you back something that i would like to give to you the next time i see you
TheLegendarySTM (11:17:38 PM): ok
TheLegendarySTM (11:19:36 PM): anything else?
stankassho1ho7 (11:20:19 PM): i guess not. i just wanted to apologize and hopefully we can talk about stuff and maybe be friends again

Here it comes...are you ready? I consider this to be my one creative moment:

OK, that's annoying now, let's get on with it

TheLegendarySTM (11:20:33 PM): Alright then, thank you for coming, your next session is Tuesday at four o'clock, there's the door, don't let it hit you on the way out, and I expect payment by Thursday, ta-ta
LoDownDirtyAssNasty (11:20:46 PM): huh?

And my other moment of ingenuity, courtesy of Sean, since he thought it up anyway:

TheLegendarySTM (11:25:40 PM): Before you go, let's just do a little test
TheLegendarySTM (11:25:44 PM): Fill in the Blank Please
TheLegendarySTM (11:25:48 PM): New Kids On The _______
GrandCanyon747 (11:25:57 PM): block
TheLegendarySTM (11:25:58 PM): Don't mind if I do!

Ahhhhhh..ok, that's enough
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