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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Geniuses, all of them... 
8th-Dec-2007 06:36 pm
I recieved, today, what might be the most retarded thing ever left underneath one of my windshield wipers... It's a nice religious pamphlet, below the cut is all the bits that don't quote directly from the bible:

Global Warming and Deterioration of the Ozone

My Dear Friends,
Pay close attention to what the news media is now reporting about the ozone. The ozone is actually shown in the Holy Scriptures but under a different name. Prophecy also shows the real cause of its deterioration. You need to study the complete Message to understand what would have prevented what we are now seeing in today's world news.
The Kingdom of Yahweh was set up under Abel, the first Righteous Priest. Yahweh allowed the Righteous Teacher of Peace to be taken away to prove what sin will do when there is not a Teacher of Righteousness; the world quickly deteriorates.
Very few people know it but the Holy Prophets, the Apostles and the Messiah spoke of a time period identified as The End; the time period in which we are now living. In this time period, we will witness the worst plagues (epidemics) ever. A time along with the worst famines ever and when the people will be scorched with great heat.
The House of Yahweh has been bringing this information to the world's attention for over 40 years but few ever heeded the warning. Now, we are in the last thre and one-half years of this Prophecy in which you will see what sin really brings. Sin is the breaking of Yahweh's Laws, including the Ten Commandments, plus any one of the other 603 Laws that go with the Ten.
For the last fifty years sin has abounded, and so have the results of sin. What man does shows, but not instantly, but sooner or later the result of sin shows in everything around him, including the amosphere.
Sexual sins such as fornication, adultery, sodomy, and bestiality create bugs in the body. These bugs are unnatural to a person's internal environment and in many ways are harmful to the person's organs and even his brain. These bugs come in all forms because they are mutations and are called by many different names, which science tries to classity into kingdoms each time a new one is discovered.
Each new bug (germ or virus) brings with it new diseases to mankind, the environment and to animals, both domestic and wildlife

Science, Sometimes, Makes It Much Worse!

It's almost ironic, but the very departments and institutions that have been created to find solutions for what sin has brought into the bodies and surroundings of mankind have made matters much worse. Yes, science, in trying to find quick fixes that can be sold to the people, has created and mutated even more and stronger bugs than there are cures.
All religions today ignore and even teach against the Laws of Yahweh, icluding the laws against fornication, adultery, sodomy and bestiality. When television became popular in the 1950s, every household, from the richest to the poorest, had a television. See Isayah 24:1-6
When the Laws are not taught and practiced, sin abounds; when sin increases, the result of sin increases, in the form of sickness, disease, STDs and death.
In verse 2, Yahweh shows that the religious leaders are the real cause of today's curses - sickness, disease, defilement, confusion, hatred, violence, fighting, war and destructive burning - yet, the people will suffer along with the priests (preachers/pastors)
In this time period, most people desire to be decieved. If they did not desire deception, they would believe the Inspired Prophets and Apostles. There is no mistaking their words.
Notice the Apostle John (Yachnachanan), in every bible, says that every person, preacher, Pope, rabbi, priest or whatever you may call yourself, if you practice breaking Yahweh's Laws, any Law, you belong to Satan, not to Yahweh or the Savior. Unless you desire to be deceived, you would believe the Savior when He says to you the following:

Metric Shit-ton of Bible quotes


The word translated sorceries is shown in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and Thayer's Greek Lexicon to mean: medication, pharmacy, druggist, pharmacist or poisoner

Why Rome, the chief seat of idolatry (rebellion)? Read on and you will see.
In the 1940s, we thought that penicillin was the answer to the death of STDs. What the medical establishment (scientists) has since found out is that none of their antibiotics kill all the germs that cause the symptoms of STDs. Many of these germs survive nd set up house in the victim's body. They then breed, cross with other germs, and mutate into stronger, more deadly germs that go forth claiming more victims by entering their bodies also. In turn, those germs breed, cross with other germs, and mutate. With each mutation the germs continue to get stronger. It becomes a vicious cycle.
If the mutation is part man that gives it the key to transfer from man to man. If it is part bird, such as the case in the bird flu virus, it has the key to transfer from bird to bird, and so forth.
Depending on the sickness of the mind yielding to illegal lust, the germs created can come in any number of forms capable of entering any number of victims, affecting them in many ways, and yes, even the stratosphere. Science has yet to learn all there is to know about the ozone layer within the stratosphere, or what it actually does for the earth and inhabitants other than absorb ultraviolet radiation.

There's more but, seriously, I'm getting dizzy sitting here typing it up. It hurts my brain so.

But, yeah, apparently sex is to blame for global warming. Not car exhaust, not cow farts, not CFCs...sex.


Oh, and apparently there's only 3 and a half years before the planet explodes.

If you're interested this dingbat's website is www.yisraylhawkins.com

What a fucking loon
9th-Dec-2007 12:05 am (UTC)
Not a science man, this one. Can't even get the basic principle of Natural Selection in bacteria correct...

So, if we can't bump bugglies, how are the human beans supposed to continue on to carry Yahweh's glorious commandments?
9th-Dec-2007 12:08 am (UTC)
through the donation of ribs, apparently

That or test tube babies...but no...that's SCIENCE
9th-Dec-2007 05:19 am (UTC)
But... but I need my ribs... they keeps my lungs from being poked.
9th-Dec-2007 08:04 pm (UTC)
9th-Dec-2007 01:33 am (UTC)
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