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So this is Christmas?

Alrighty, the day is all but over, so here's what I got:

$25 check from my godmother
$20 cash from my uncle
$30 gift card to Old Navy from my cousins
Signed lithograph of the 2007 World Champion Red Sox from my Uncle (to complement the 2004 one he got me)
Superbad DVD from Sean

From Parents:
George Carlin - All My Stuff DVD
A little book about Fenway Park with a mini Fenway replica
Rooters: The Birth of Red Sox Nation DVD

And my mother wins the prize for "Least Thought Put Into a Present...EVER"

My "stocking" this year consisted of six packets of Lindt Hot Cocoa and a Lindt Chocolate Santa and Reindeer in a shopping bag from the Lindt Store...that my mother works for...yeah...


As usual I took the 360 to Uncle's house and we played video games all afternoon. The rundown included Dead or Alive 4, SDvR07, SDvR08, and Guitar Hero II and III

Good times

Now to spend that Old Navy money!
Tags: fenway park, george carlin, parents, red sox, sean, uncle rob, video games, wwe, xbox 360
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