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Great Things:
Won $50 American Express gift card at work
Went to Toys R Us after work and used said card to buy new Cube Worlds
Went out to Coat of Arms to chill with people and watch the Pats game
Made up a whole list of fake porn movie names with Jon and Katie
Got Dane Cook's new CD for free, with $1.03 left over to spend on something else

Good Things:
Got out of work an hour early
Got to throw some darts at the Coat

Bad Things:
Discovered it truly is impossible to buy pants in my size in stores
Had to hang out with Eric and Robbie

Great Things:
Went to the Toast
Got harangued by a drunk girl at Gaslight

Good Things:
Got paid for at Gaslight
Got meal comped at Toast
Gave and got presents

Bad Things:
Had to hang out with Eric and Robbie
Had to go to Gaslight
Lost my Hat*
Lost my Onion Rings**
Had to buy a new hat
Felt like shit at work and left early

As you can see, once midnight struck things took a quick downard turn

Deatz, you ask? Why certainly:

*There were nine of us at the Toast last night, taking up two side-by-side booths. I was crammed in the center, with Carole to my immediate left, and Jason to the left of her, on the aisle. We're sitting there, chatting, bullshitting, exchanging gifts, having a good time, when suddenly I feel a hand on my head, I reach up, thinking it's one of my friends, who are fond of taking my hat, and grab my hat, but it is wrested from my grip. I turn and see a gentleman tearing out of the Toast, my hat in tow. Melissa, Katie, Robbie and I think one or two others tear out after him as I sit there, completely bewildered.

Melissa ends up chasing him to his car, but he gets in and drives away, so the group returns, empty-handed. Meanwhile I've got Toast employees asking me, "...did that guy just take your hat?!"

Apparently he's a former employee, named Erik Swanson, who had really made himself an unwelcome sight at the Toast in recent weeks, including harrassing a new female employee. According to Ryan he was hanging out in the back saying, "I'm about to do something I'm gonna regret later..." Ryan told him to GTFO and he did, taking my hat with him in the process. The hat I've had for two years, the hat I bought the night of game four of the 2004 World Series, the hat I never planned on replacing.

Once I find him on MySpace I'll post the link and the letter writing campaign can commence. I'll state it here in case any of you decide to go looking for him on your own, and then I'll state it again later. If you decided to write a note to Mr. Swanson, don't be stupid. Don't make threats, violent or otherwise, just ask him to either return the hat or the $35 it cost to replace. That's all I'm asking. I'm not gonna file a police report, I'm not gonna press charges...I just want my damn hat back...


**After that ruckus they were having problems in the kitchen, too, with the new chef, so my omelete came with white toast and homefries instead of the raisin toast and onion rings I'd asked for. Ryan then proceeded to bring me an entire platter of onion rings, which I brought home cause I definitely couldn't eat them all. On my way up the stairs they fell out of my hand and the box popped open and spilled my onion rings all over the damn hall stairs...it was a shitty night to say the least.

Because of all that, before work today I went to the mall and bought a new hat. I was lucky enough that Lids still had a size 8 2007 World Series patch Sox cap in stock, however I wasn't lucky enough that it had come down in price, so it was still $35.

Yeah, it's been a shitty Sunday
Tags: friends, idiots, life, red sox, the toast
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