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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Big School Update 
18th-Jan-2008 12:56 am
Jerry Remy: Dance Machine
Alright, so I went and scheduled my classes for next term tonight and also, spotaneously, the term after, and the woman printed me out this "Academic History and Advising Report," so here's the update:

I transferred in:
US History 1
Lower Level Early Childhood Elective
Lower Level Humanities Elective
English Composition

Yes, I know, they took the credit for an education class, but it counts as an elective and is one less class I have to take.

First Term I took:
Intro to Radio Prod/Broadcasting
Media Writing

Term GPA: 4.0

Second Term:
Advanced radio Prod/Broadcasting
Media & Community Relations

Term GPA: 3.85

This Term:
Broadcast Management
Intro to Mass Media

Next Term (March/April):
Intro to Video Production
Western Civilization 1

(Woo, History!)

Following Term (May/June):
Advanced Video Production
Principles of Marketing

(Woo! Marketing!)

Assuming the best, that I pass all these courses and have no trouble that leaves me requiring the following:

English Composition 2
Oral Communication
Lower Level Math Elective
Communications Externship 1
Lower Level Natural Science Elective
Lower Level Sociology Elective

Six courses, at two courses a term, that's only three terms.

That's July/August, September/October, and November/December.

If I don't break for summer, and assuming that the courses I need are listed for these terms, that means I could finish my two-year Associates Degree in just over a year.

Go fuckin team, Go!

Fingers crossed, guys, this could actually work out!

In other, related news, I get to interview Jim Jeanotte at some point this weekend for my first project in Sean's class. The thing I enjoy most about this fact is that this is somewhat of a big deal to me, but absolutely NONE of you are going to know who he is. Well, Chels, you might, but the rest of ya...nothin...

For those of you that are curious, Jim Jeanotte is the host of NH Public TV's "Granite State Challenge," the high school quiz show.

The high school quiz show I was on back in 1998 as an alternate on the Portsmouth High team.

Once again, go team, go!

Alright, that's my news...g'night
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