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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
The Royal Rumble! 
27th-Jan-2008 10:54 pm

Entry OrderElimination Order
1. Undertaker (3)1. Santino Marella (Undertaker)
2. Shawn Michaels (2)2. The Great Khali (Undertaker)
3. Santino Marella3. Tommy Dreamer (Batista)
4. The Great Khali4. Jamie Noble (Chuck Palumbo)
5. Hardcore Holly5. Chuck Palumbo (CM Punk)
6. John Morrison6. Hardcore Holly (Umaga)
7. Tommy Dreamer7. Shelton Benjamin (Shawn Michaels)
8. Batista (3.5)8. Roddy Piper (Kane)
9. Hornswoggle (.5)9. Jimmy Snuka (Kane)
10. Chuck Palumbo (1)10. Snitsky (Undertaker)
11. Jamie Noble 11. The Undertaker (Shawn Michaels)
12. CM Punk (1)12. Shawn Michaels (Mr. Kennedy)
13. Cody Rhodes 13. The Miz (Mr. Kennedy/Hornswoggle)
14. Umaga (1)14. John Morrison (Kane)
15. Snitsky15. Finlay (Finlay)
16. The Miz16. CM Punk (Chavo Guerrero)
17. Shelton Benjamin17. Cody Rhodes (Triple H)
18. "Superfly" Snuka18. Big Daddy V (Triple H)
19. Roddy Piper19. Mick Foley (Triple H)
20. Kane (3)20. Elijah Burke (Mick Foley)
21. Carlito21. Carlito (John Cena)
22. Mick Foley (1)22. Chavo Guerrero (John Cena)
23. Mr. Kennedy (1.5)23. Mark Henry (John Cena)
24. Big Daddy V24. Mr. Kennedy (Batista)
25. Mark Henry25. Umaga (Batista)
26. Chavo Guerrero (1)26. Kane (Batista/Triple H)
27. Finlay (1)27. Batista (Triple H)
28. Elijah Burke28. Triple H (John Cena)
29. Triple H (4.5)WINNER: John Cena
30. John Cena (4)

Shawn Michaels' record 11th Rumble
Hornswoggle's First
Hornswoggle entered and immediately went under the ring
Kane's 10th consecutive Royal Rumble
Hornswoggle was removed from the match by Finlay, but was never officially eliminated
Finlay became the first superstar ever disqualified from a Royal Rumble match, he was DQed for entering before his scheduled time, and for using his shillelagh
John Cena was a surprise entrant after returning from pectoral surgery

I give the show a 8.5/10
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