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In actual news...

Work got canceled today, which was a good thing cause I didn't get to bed til 4:45, and definitely didn't fall asleep before six, but also sucks cause god dammit I need the money.

I am getting money for going to the airport on Tuesday, but I lost four hours on Friday to do the NLP show, and I passed up 4 hours yesterday cause I thought I'd be getting two extra today, but instead of working eight instead of six, i worked none. Excellent...

I will get paid for a couple hours tomorrow, cause I have to go in for another training seminar, but after that I have to go to Pearle vision and spend 70 bucks to get my eyes examined.

Grah, poordom!

Speaking of work being called off...I was finally having a dream last night in which I was getting some and just as I was about to get some the phone rang, telling me that work was canceled...fuck me...

In better news, though, our new tenants are all moved in and living downstairs, and these folks are close family friends, so there really shouldn't be any problems, like there were before.

Other than that all I have is a reminder to all of you that the next NLP show will be March 7th at Good Time in Somerville, hope you local folk'll come out.
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