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*koff* Anyway

Some stuffs been going down...

There are these two girls in my History class who I just want to beat the shit out of. These two insipid cunts (and I don't use that word lightly) sit there during the entire class and yammer away about nothing at all, bitching about how boring the class is, and how much they hate it, then they start texting people, so every two minutes you hear their cell phone buzzing. I hate them, I hope they die. And, of course, they sit right next to me, and are friends with each other, so they giggle and laugh at their own stupid jokes and make it entirely too difficult to concentrate on what is, yes, a very boring class.

Speaking of which, I have to write a 7-10 page research paper for this class...I haven't written a research paper since my freshman year in college the first time...8 years ago...

I wouldn't know an APA or MLA formatted citation if it slapped me in the mouth.

I picked up both Super Smash Brawl and Rock Band a couple Sundays ago, and have been playing those endlessly. I also beat Guitar Hero III on Easy the other night, so I can move on to Medium on that game. Super Smash is really fun, but I'm still terrible at it.

Video classes are going well, it's been all lecture so far. Gary says that on Tuesday we should start getting to play with the equipment. I had to buy a DVD+R for the class...but, of course, you can't buy them in single-packs. So I now have 24 DVD+Rs that I have nothing to do with. I'll probably need them some day, though, so I'll hang on to them.

Still have a little crushy crush on Brent Corrigan (If you don't know who he is I would suggest waiting to google him until you're in a private location with no peering bosses or children...seriously)

I've stayed up wayyyyyy too late all this week, until about this time every day. Not good, but I do have both Saturday and Sunday off this weekend, cause it's Easter, so I can try and get myself back on some sort of normal, 2am bedtime schedule.

Nothing else has changed...

It's windy as fuck outside, jeezus

Sox Season Soon!

Speaking of Easter coming up, Easter is represented by the bunny, of course. So who wants to play "bunnies" with me on Sunday and give this boy some Easter loving? I've got a box full of "Easter Bonnets" just waiting to be used

...seriously, I bought them in 2004 and they expire this December. If I have to throw them away I'll probably cry...
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