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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
The Entry of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 
26th-Apr-2008 11:20 pm
Yesterday was quite a good bit of awesomeness

I spent the afternoon watching DVRed stuff and being a general horny bastard (what else is new), then left at 4 to go to Somerville

I got to Good Time around 5 and helped set up chairs and entertain some of the talents' kids by putting them in sleeper holds and generally slapping them around.

One of the guys showed up and started testing out the ring in his street clothes. He went up for a moonsault, caught his pants leg on something, and came down on his face, breaking his nose and either breaking or dislocating his thumb. Whoopsie. Don't try this at home, kids.

He was good enough to still fight, though, so he stuck around for the show.

The show was really good, thanks to none of my friends for showing up (you asses)

I tried a few new things to add a little personality to my delivery, and to try and liven up the plugs so it's not just, "Hey, before this match let me sell you on this idea"

We usually have two time keepers, and a sound guy. One of the timekeepers I haven't seen since January, the other was in the pre-show, and the guy who does sound was in both the pre-show and the main show. So, sound guy was wrestling, timekeeper guy ended up doing sound after his match, and I ended up keeping time (which, for you non-wrestling enthusiasts means I was the guy who rang the bell). I was a busy boy last night, especially during the main event.

Speaking of which, the main event was a ten-man elimination tag team match, so there were nine falls in all. A lot of bell-ringing and talking to do ("'Sexy' Sean Styles has been EEEEEEELIMINATEEEEEDDDDDD!" I was a fan). Also, before I finished the announcements at the top of the match they stole my chair, so I had to stand or kneel at ringside the entire time. Little bit of a pain, but I made it work.

My knee was already hurting, too, cause I botched an exit on one of the earlier matches. My right leg didn't fully clear the second rope before I started to drop to the floor, so I managed to catch my leg on the rope. Thankfully I landed on the crossbeam underneath the apron. Had I not landed there gravity would have tried to take me completely to the floor, and god knows what would have happened. Probably would have been painful. And very bad for my knee.

The crowd was hot, too. Though there was this one black chick behind me who was screaming at everybody like she was at the movies or something. I kinda wanted to smack her by the end of the night. She was on one side of my corner, on the other side was some people who'd come with our senior referee, and insisted on yelling at him and making inside jokes at him all night. That got annoying, as well.

After the show I went downtown. It was either downtown or home, and I didn't feel like going home. The girls were at Gaslight, and I was going to join them there, but the line was far too long to wait in to go in to a place I don't even really like. Plus it costs $5.

So I went to Fat Belly's instead, cause it's free.

I like Fat Belly's, it's laid-back, and the folks that work there are pretty nice. I go there and sit on one of the couches and hope that someone takes interest in the wall flower. Hasn't happened yet, though. So, instead, I drunk-watch, and that's fun.

Then I went to the Toast, by myself. I had a banana pancake that was out of this world, and some nachos. Kinda sucked, though, cause I ate the pancake and not the nachos, and the nachos did not respond well to re-heating this afternoon. Kinda wasted my money on that one. Like when I bought the guacamole last month and it went un-usable within a week.

I came home after that and got online, then went to bed around 4am or so.

I woke up today at 2 and really did not want to get out of bed. Unfortunately, I had things to do.

Circuit City has teamed up with this electronics trade-in website, and you mail them your used stuff and they'll send you a gift card for the store. They give you a pre-paid UPS label and everything. I'm sending them my old iPod Mini that I never fucking use and have no idea why I bought it, and they're sending me a $45 card. (Yes, I paid about 200 more than that but shut up, I know) So I packed up my iPod and headed over to The Parcel Store to send it off. Turns out the Parcel Store closes at 3pm on Saturdays, and is closed completely on Sunday.


So I'll have to go next week or something.

I went to Old Navy to look at shorts, but they were all ugly colors or stupid patterns. They had some nice plain ones, but they had, like, fish skeletons or skull and crossboneses embroidered into them... I don't want that.

Then I wandered around Best Buy and Barnes and Noble and then came home. Best Buy got rid of all their HD DVDs, so I missed out on a few titles I wanted, but at least I know they never went below the 30% off I paid on the few that I did get.

When I got home Dad was downstairs cooking dinner for Paul (he fucked up his ankle, and Bonnie's in the hospital), so I went down there and played Super Smash, since they've got my Wii. Then we ate and fed the dogs and went to Dover to visit Bonnie. She had some surgery in her stomach, but she's coming home tomorrow. Yay.

I got home just in time to see the Red Sox lose, and now I'm watching stuff on my DVR.

Tomorrow is Mario Kart's release for the Wii, which I'll pick up before work. Work is 12-6, and then dinner, maybe with my parents.

Then it's an early bedtime because Monday is the re-scheduled Airport day.


Shoot me.

PS: The next NLP show is Friday, May 23rd at the Elk's Lodge in Nashua, NH. You should come, dammit
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