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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Whaaaaaaat's haaaaaappening... 
29th-May-2008 01:46 am
Chappelle's show made by me
Let's recap, shall we?

NLP's "Crossing the Line" took place in Somerville, MA. Good times were had by most, and nobody broke a nose this time.
Sean, Lisa, Sal, and Mahima were nice enough to come to the show and surprise me.
After the show I hung out with them for a bit and watched them play pool, then I went to Emily's.
We were supposed to go to the Toast to meet Katie's girlfriend but Emily was exhausted, and I just wanted to stay in, so we didn't, we went to bed.

Emily got up at 9:30 to get ready for her family cookout, and I went back to sleep. Shortly after she left my cousin texted me to let me know that she and her boyfriend had canceled their cookout, so I texted Emily and she ended up turning around and coming back to pick me up.
So Emily and I went to Wakefield, I think it was, and I met a whole bunch of her family. That was fun, and, apparently, I made a good impression.
Then we came back to the apartment, relaxed for a while, and I came home.

Worked, as usual, then back to Emily's.
Her roommate, Jason, was supposed to go grocery shopping, but didn't, so he gave Emily one of the $100 pre-paid Visa cards he got for his graduation and bought us dinner instead, so we went to Abercrombie and Finch and had a delicious meal.
After dinner we came by my house and Emily met my parents and looked at some old yearbooks of mine, then she grabbed a couple DVDs to take back to the apartment.
We then went back to her place and watched Princess Bride and the first episode of Oz before going to bed.

Monday was Lisa's cookout, so we got up at 10:30, showered, I made breakfast, and we headed off to Stoneham.
The cookout itself was pretty laid back, the only people I really knew were Lisa, and her family, and Mahima.
We had foods, then Mahima left, so Emily and I decided it was time to go, since I didn't know anyone else who was there.
Unfortunately we weren't able to get out before Magic Mike showed up.
He first pretended he didn't recognize me at first before acting shocked to see me and walking up to shake my hand.
I ignored him, at first, because I was talking to Lisa about Skylar's birthday party next month, but he kept standing there, like an idiot (big surprise) with his hand out.
I shook his hand, without otherwise acknowledging his presence, and continued talking with Lisa about next month. Then we said our goodbyes and headed back.
Back at the apartment we had dinner and watched some more Oz and I headed home at some point, after putting Emily to bed.

Tuesday was cool because it was WMUR tour day. (WMUR is the local ABC affiliate in Manchester) Since Gary works for MUR we got a much more in-depth tour than any other tour group would, including getting to stand in the control room and studio during the 6pm newscast to see how everything works. Very cool.
Then it was marketing class, feh.

Today I was unable to convince my mother to go to the chinese buffet for lunch (sadface)
So I made myself some lunch and typed up a rough draft of our financial objectives for the marketing group project.
Then I worked from 4-9.
Went and saw Emily for a little bit before sending her off to sleep.
And here I am now, the Sox lost and I'm watching stuff on my DVR.

I should really go to bed soon, though...
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