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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
The Emmanuel FAQ 
27th-Mar-2002 10:57 pm
When I originally made my decision to stay at Wheelock, people asked me, "Is that the best decision?" Now that I've switched to Emmanuel people are asking me, "Is that the best decision?" So, in order to answer all the questions you may have, I present the Emmanuel FAQ:

1. Is this the best decision?

For me it is. I've been unhappy at Wheelock for some time now, and I need a change. This is the best decision for me.

2. This is about Sean, isn't it?

No! The ONLY way Sean factored in to this was he gave me the impetus to transfer in the first place. Choosing Emmanuel was my decision, I went to their website and looked at what they offered and decided that it is the best choice for my second college.

3. What are the positives of Emmanuel over Wheelock?

First off, I don't have a reputation. In My Opinion, I've been given a negative reputation at Wheelock, and it's been hindering my education. Second, it's the same area, but not the same people. I love Boston, there's no doubt about that, the problem is that the people at Wheelock have been nothing but a pain to me since the incidents of last summer.

4. What are the positives of Wheelock over Emmanuel?

I don't know, I haven't gone to Emmanuel yet, and have nothing to compare it too.

5. What if you don't get accepted?

I'll do the same thing I did this year. I'll commute from Rob's for the first semester, then pay the three hundred dollars and get a room second semester.

6. Why don't you apply for housing, just in case?

Because it's a non-refundable $300 to do so, a charge that I don't want to incur on my parents if I don't have to. I've already saved them $40 by applying to Emmanuel online. They're paying for my education, I have to do everything I can to save them at least a little bit of money.

7. If you get accepted to Emmanuel you'll be at the same school as Sean again, is that a sign that what happened Freshman year will happen again?

I'm not a moron, neither is Sean, we've learned from our mistakes, and we've moved on. We're not going to make another Jackass video, we're not going to get in trouble again, and we're not going to get kicked off campus again.

8. Why did you change your mind so rapidly?

This was not a split-second, rash decision. As many people know I've been contemplating this transfer for many, many months. My first decision was simply an appeasement of my parents, but I realized that appeasing my parents is not the best thing that I can do for myself right now. I need to do what makes me happy, and what makes me happy is getting out of Wheelock.

9. Isn't that rather selfish?

Yes! But it's my prerogative. As I was thinking it occured to me that it was time for me to make a change, and do for myself what I felt would be the best for me. This meant transferring from Wheelock to another institution. If you remember I was contemplating this since I got the letter last summer. This is not something that came to me in a dream last night, I've been discussing this in my mind for six months now. I've made my decision, and I'm sticking to it.

10. If you get accepted to Emmanuel and don't like it there, will you transfer from there?

No. If I am accepted to Emmanuel, it will be my last school. If I don't like it there, it was my decision to go there, I must stick to my guns. I've gone through so much stuff that made me want to leave, if I don't like it where I'm going, so be it.

11. But didn't you decide to go to Wheelock?

Yes, however, this is a totally different situation. Wheelock was presented as a wonderful school to me, via tours, letters, summer advising days, etc. And my freshman year was great! You know what happened after that, however. With Emmanuel I'm going solely on the information I've garnered from the website and from my visits to the dorms. Now those, admittedly, are not the total school, not by a longshot, but they've presented me a positive alternative from the junk at Wheelock.

12. Are you sure that this is best?


Any more questions? Leave them as a comment and I'll respond to them

The song has no sub-meaning this time, it's just what was playing as I finished this entry.
27th-Mar-2002 08:11 pm (UTC)
i'm proud of u adam... u got a good head on ur shoulders and seem to have really been thinkin' things out... i got a lotta respect for that... although once again, i will miss u, at least u won't be far away and i'll always have ur live journal to turn to so i can be updated on life... good luck w/ everything hun and always make sure that UR happy no matter how selfish that sounds... it's ur life, live it how u want!!
28th-Mar-2002 06:31 am (UTC)
Good for you! I'm glad you've decided to transfer and NOT stay miserable. It's better this way for everyone...even your 'rents. BTW, it's not selfish to want to be happy. It's more like a necessity in life...otherwise why bother living? You're only here for so long...do what it takes to enjoy it. Plus, when I go visit Sean next semester we can all play Boggle together. ;) PEACE!
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