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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Todaybor Day is Labor Daybor 
3rd-Sep-2008 12:56 am
Krankor's Place by DirkDigital
Had a pretty good weekend:

Friday I went to work then came over to Emily's
Saturday we went and saw Dark Knight, FINALLY, and, yes, it was amazing
Sunday I went to Jane and Jim's wedding and the after-party, it was the perfect day for it, too, then, after Emily got out of work she grabbed a couple friends and we all played Rock Band. Then they played Magic and I played SmackDown '07
Monday we went grocery shopping, then I went to dinner with my Dad, then Em and I watched...ok I watched Monday Night Raw.

Today I THOUGHT I finished the "Beat Every Superstar at least Once on Legend Difficulty" achievement on SmackDown! '07, but apparently I musta fucked somethin up cause it didn't give me my points. Now I gotta go through it AGAIN...annoyed

Tonight I worked, tomorrow night I work, Thursday I have school, Friday night I work, Sunday I work, Monday night I work, Tuesday I have school then it's INTERNSHIP TIME muthafuckas!

Speaking of which, I realized a little while ago that I'm going to be working at WMUR during the entire lead-up to the 2008 Presidential Election, and a bit of the follow-up as well. That's gonna be friggin COOL. I'm pretty psyched.

Now we're just chillin here watchin Brian Regan. I'm pretty much livin here this week cause I'm a good boyfriend and Emily doesn't like to be in the apartment by herself. That and I need to pad the clock so that the lack of me the next twelve weeks is off-set a little bit. :P

I think that's all I got...
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