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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Okay, Okay, Okay, I know... 
17th-Dec-2008 03:12 pm
Conform by DirkDigital
I have been a terrible LJer recently. I haven't posted an update of any merit since the middle of October, two months ago. I have been reading and commenting, though, so that's good. Should count for something, anyway.

I've been pretty busy, though. My internship at Channel Nine wrapped up the week of Thanksgiving. That whole experience was incredible, and definitely helped me realize that I had made the right decision in what I went to school for.

Speaking of school, tonight is my last night of classes...ever. Then I'm an Associate. Then I need to find a full-time job. Then I need to find a real job. This is when the current economic situation starts to worry me. I know that I'm going to have to leave RKM at some point, because 20 hours a week making less than ten bucks an hour is not going to cut it at all. Especially considering I'd like to not be living with my parents when I'm 30.

Work is going well, though, I've been team leading a lot the past few weeks cause people were taking vacations, and team leading gets me a little extra money, but everyone's back now so that will probably cut down a bit now. We have been doing some national surveys, though, so we stay late to call out west, and that gets a little extra money, too.

Not that it's that much extra, though, cause the car payment still wipes me out each month, but next week I'll start posting my resume around and seeing what I can find. Plus I did get signed on as a freelancer at WMUR, and they've called me once but I was at work and didn't answer my phone. Hopefully when I get a "real" job I won't have to move too far.

Moving far away would be interesting, for the change in scenery, but it would take both Emily and I far away from our families, cause they're all here in New England. However I also know that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and if that's where the money is, that's where I have to go. Also, I've spent my entire life in this area, in this same house, so the new view would be a nice change.

Speaking of Emily, things are going quite nicely. I've been spending weekends over there, and with my change in work schedule coming up because of classes ending I'll be able to spend both Friday and Saturday night now. She wants me to move in to the apartment with her, but I don't cause I wouldn't be able to help with any bills or anything, I'd feel like a mooch.

Ooh, good story. At Emily's apartment complex there's been a stray cat wandering around for the past three weeks or so. This past Thursday there was a bad ice storm that knocked out power to a whooooooooooole bunch of people. Luckily Emily's power was only out for a little bit of time on Friday morning, so I spend the weekend there cause there was no power at my house. On Friday night the stray showed up again, so we put her cats in the bedroom and got this cat inside, out of the cold. We put him in the bathroom and let the other two cats back out into the living room.

On Saturday morning we took Kitty to the vet to get checked out. The vet said he was just about a year old, which is what we thought, and that he looked to be in very good health. She printed us off a couple estimates for his kitten shots and for the neutering (he still has his cash and prizes), and then took him to remove a broken rear toenail, leaving us to decide whether we were going to keep him and get the shots or give him up for adoption. We hemmed and hawed and even cried a bit and decided that there was no way we could afford a third cat in the apartment, so we had to give him up.

The vet brought him back in, and we let her know our choice, we packed him back into the crate, paid the lady at the desk and set out for the Stratham NHSPCA.

Turns out they were closed because they didn't have power. So we had no choice but to take him back to the apartment. Emily went to work and I hung out, and shortly thereafter her roommate came home. Jenna (the roommate) and her friend Stephanie decided they wanted to meet Kitty, who was in Emily's bedroom. Jenna, basically, fell in love with him and, decided she was going to see if she could afford him.

Tuesday night Jenna decided that she could, in fact, keep Kitty and everyone was happy.

So, with that long-ass story out of the way I present to you Milo:

But, yeah, ice storm. That thing was a bitch! We lost power here at the house at about quarter after ten on Thursday night, and it didn't come back until 11am on Sunday. Like I said Emily only lost power for a little bit Friday overnight, and she got really lucky. The way the lines go at her complex is as such: The line from the street connects to her building, then there's a cable that crosses to the other building. During the storm a tree branch took out that connecting cable, so while her building had power the other building didn't. And they didn't get it back until Sunday night at some point.

And last night it snowed! *Grumble*

It's also Sean's birthday, today, so everyone say Happy Birthday to mistrsac. In what may be the best prank I've pulled, I had him convinced that someone took a dump in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw this week. In reality the wrestler "Deuce" decided that he wanted to go by his given name, Sim Snuka, so I sent Sean a text saying that someone had "dropped a deuce on live TV." Honestly, I'm pretty proud of myself for this one, I'm usually not that good at this kind of stuff.

Speaking of Monday Night Raw, they're coming to the Verizon in two weeks and my buddy Malcolm and I have tickets to go. I bought my sign-making stuff yesterday, one side is gonna say "SON A MA GUN!" and the other, "SUCK FENA"

Let's see...what ellllllse happened since October... I feel like it was something important... Uhmmmmmmm... Fuck, what was it?!

OH YEAHHHHHH! We elected that black fella to be President! That was pretty awesome, huh?

SHIT! I just remembered that I still have to pay that stupid fine for getting stuck on that stupid mountain. God dammit, I can't afford that shit.

Anyway, there's your major update. Hopefully now that I'm done with classes and not as busy I'll remember to update this thing more often.
18th-Dec-2008 01:47 am (UTC)
You don't have to apologize for a lack of posting to people who have also friended Sean. You post regularly compared to that asshole. ':oP

Because I'm pretty sure I was an idiot when we texted earlier (I was at a staff holiday party and not fully thinking)... CONGRATS ON FINISHING SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!

Good luck w/ the job search!!

Nice to meet you, Milo. You're quite handsome... for a cat.

Awesome prank on Sean! I love it!!
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