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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
2008 Year in Review 
2nd-Jan-2009 03:43 am
Well, it's that time again!

I can't believe no one noticed that I accidentally listed last year's best of as 2008, even though we'd only been a day into the year at that point. Anyway, here it is:


"Woo, 2008!"
We didn't leave Raymond til about two hours after I thought we were going to leave because some people were too drunk to go home. I'm not fluent in Drunk, but that roughly translates to, "If we leave now, I'll puke in your car"

Speaking of crazy, I also got my "apology gifts" from the Man Scout. He included, with my hat, a little kiddie Red Sox batting helmet and a VHS copy of MST3k's Poopie Reel (a half-hour blooper tape).

While the Leprechaun resorted to such talking points as "We have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here!" the Retard was making such eloquent points as "Start paying taxes and see if you're a liberal! Get a job and then tell me you're still a liberal!" When Carole pointed out the fact that she actually, y'know, HAS a full-time job as a teacher...he shut his retard mouth.

"For those of you who didn't listen to the voice post"
Long story short, I'm going to be ring announcing this show.

I am psyched, and I want you to come.

"Big School Update"
In other, related news, I get to interview Jim Jeanotte at some point this weekend for my first project in Sean's class. The thing I enjoy most about this fact is that this is somewhat of a big deal to me, but absolutely NONE of you are going to know who he is. Well, Chels, you might, but the rest of ya...nothin...

I never actually did get to interview Mr. Jeanotte because he never returned my email. Oh well.

"Some notes"
Here's the third thing wrong...

Either she still remembers my cell phone number from four and a half years ago because she's a psychopath


She still has my cell phone number in her phonebook...because she's a fucking psychopath.

"'Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!'"
So, yeah, it went really well. It seemed to come naturally, I didn't have any major foul-ups, and I got a crotch in my face.

"In actual news..."
I was finally having a dream last night in which I was getting some and just as I was about to get some the phone rang, telling me that work was canceled...fuck me...

In better news, though, our new tenants are all moved in and living downstairs, and these folks are close family friends, so there really shouldn't be any problems, like there were before.

"Whaaaaaaaat's haaappening?"
Then, after dinner, we wandered through the snow to the Charles Theatre and saw Blue Man Group. As always, it was a ton of fun.

Most people win the lottery they buy houses, or cars, me? I'd buy tickets.

Plane tickets, bus tickets, boat tickets, train tickets, I'd just go. Pack me up a carry-on and hit the goddamn road. Get the fuck out of here, and then, once I work all that out, find a place to settle, and things to do, wherever I end up.

"What a day?"
Got online around 11, and something actually exciting had happened. Turns out that, for the first time ever, someone I winked at on match.com actually *shock* emailed me! So I sent him an email back, we'll see what happens.

Ugh, that was fun

"Holy Crap"
"And how to have a culture that respects the dignity of every human being" Is he fucking serious? Does he even pay attention to what he says anymore?

And he's "disappointed" in the conduct of some of the members of the press. Yeah, George, how dare those fuckers do their job of...I dunno...asking questions at a press conference.

"OK, seriously...what the fuck..."
My reply:

Are you fucking serious?  Is this your scheme?  Find the desperate folks and then scam them out of money?  I realize, now, that anything I say at this point isn't going to make a goddamn lick of difference, but that's fucking low, "Ken"

You don't want me to say "NO"?

Fine, I won't say NO, I'll say go fuck yourself.

"To anyone I may have missed"
Speaking of the show on Friday it was, once again, a total blast.

I got slapped in the face!

Speaking of Easter coming up, Easter is represented by the bunny, of course. So who wants to play "bunnies" with me on Sunday and give this boy some Easter loving? I've got a box full of "Easter Bonnets" just waiting to be used

...seriously, I bought them in 2004 and they expire this December. If I have to throw them away I'll probably cry...

"WrestleMania XXIV: The Recap!"
Anyway, Cena comes out with huge pyro, Hunter comes out with huge pyro, Orton comes out with huge...theme music...bad heel, no fireworks for you!

They go at it for a while, trading finisher attempts, and finally Hunter nails Cena with the pedigree! He goes for the pin, buuuuuuuut he gets Legend Punted in the skull at the two count, and Orton pins Cena to keep his title. I'm not sure anyone saw it coming

"Stuff 'n' such"
So...things happen in my life and I think to myself, "I should mention that in my LJ" and then I never do.

So this thing would be a lot more substantive if I had any kind of attention span, but I don't so...kitty

Now, last I checked the reason that the delegates were there was to speak for their representative states at the convention so as to nominate the candidate THEIR STATE VOTED FOR! That's they're fucking JOB. If they go to the convention and say, "OK, now, Obama won our state's primary...but it's SO obvious he can't beat John McCain, so we're backing Hillary," that COMPLETELY NEGATES the need to have a fucking Primary in the first place, you cow!

"Interesting times..."
Earlier in the day Carole texted me asking me to save her from "Moxie Night" at the Knot, so after work I headed over to Durham and hung out with her and some other friends (one of whom reportedly liked me...we'll see).

We'll see, indeed

I pull into my driveway, it's about 1:30 or so, and I start walking towards the door. I take a glance into the downstairs living room to see what they're up to, and I notice they're watching a movie. And man, I could have sworn that was an ass...so I double take and grab another look and, yep, they're definitely watching porn.

"In a roundabout sort of way..."
So there's this weird four-way conversation just to tell Emily and I that we think that the other one is, actually, rather cute.

Except I've recently found out that she did not, in fact, tell Jason that she thought I was cute...she just kept it to herself

"I keep having things to talk about, and I keep forgetting what they are"
It was a pretty good day. I know this because I wore shorts.

"What? Memes?"
And it got me thinking, for a while I've had friends, like him, who I've assumed would look quite nice while shirtless, and it was nice receiving photographic evidence of my original hypothesis. So, if any of you other friends of mine out there would like to send, to me, shirtless pictures of yourself, please, absolutely, feel free. I will not object.

"The Entry of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"
One of the guys showed up and started testing out the ring in his street clothes. He went up for a moonsault, caught his pants leg on something, and came down on his face, breaking his nose and either breaking or dislocating his thumb. Whoopsie. Don't try this at home, kids.

"Some Updates~!"
Man, I really want GTAIV, which is weird because I haven't played ANY of the previous games in the series except for on on the PS2 way back when they were top-down.

I also want to pick up No More Heroes for the Wii, and Professor Clayton for the DS.

I picked them all up, and they are all awesome

I'm tempted to give my history professor an envelope, so he can send me my final and my paper, just because I want to see his comments on my paper, but I don't think I'm going to, because I don't want him to be able to get in touch with me to tell me that i need to do an actual paper.

I actually asked him about it towards the end of last term. He said he enjoyed the paper quite a bit, and still has a copy of it on his desk

"Oh man...
When I got online at home I found an IM from her saying, again, that she really enjoyed herself, and asking me what I was doing tomorrow.

This...is a good sign. :)

I think I might actually have something here...

"Friday Saturday Fun!"
So Emily and I snuggled and watched MST3k and got jumped on by cats for a while, and then it was 2am, bedtime.

So I spent the night at Emily's *koff*

"Is it me?"
Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that the American Idols Live! tour is sponsored by Pop Tarts?

Today I did laundry and went to WMUR to record a demo with Gary so he could give me tips and pointers and direct me. Went really well, and now he's going to shop me around and report back with constructive criticism and all that. Huzzah.

Still haven't had anything come from that...

"Culinary Adventures!"
So this kinda started a new tradition. Weekly weekend culinary adventures. I've already got my recipe picked out for this weekend. This is cooking nerd heaven. :)

That's kind of fallen by the wayside now that Em works basically 7 days a week. But hopefully it'll pick up again soon

"News News News..."
If everything works out as planned Friday evening my mom, dad and I will head over to the Toyota dealership and buy me a brand new 2008 Toyota Yaris.

"Car Update"
"Oh, so any color's fine?"
"...yes, any color is fine."
"Oh, well that should make it easier, then!"


"RIP George Carlin"
Joe Bless You, George, you will be missed :(

I'm really getting sick and tired of watching things I've recorded and having them end partway through because ZOMG there's OBVIOUSLY something BETTER on!

They're getting better at this, but it still happens from time to time

"Oh Hey!"
Saturday night before the show I did TWO chin-ups on one of the basketball hoops at the Y before I couldn't do any more.

This beats my previous record of do-able chin-ups by TWO!

"Today was a very good day"

"More Notes..."
I swear to god, the Priuses are taking over. They're fucking EVERYWHERE.

"Not so bad, not so bad..."
SummerSlam was, ultimately, disappointing, but the Hell in a Cell match definitely was worth the four bucks the show cost me.

"Todaybor Day is Labor Daybor"
Speaking of which, I realized a little while ago that I'm going to be working at WMUR during the entire lead-up to the 2008 Presidential Election, and a bit of the follow-up as well. That's gonna be friggin COOL. I'm pretty psyched.

"Posted using TxtLJ"
Weather shot I set up on a mobile cam was just streamed live to the nation on CNN. I'm awesome.

Yes we motherfuckin CAN!

"Okay, Okay, Okay, I know..."
I've been pretty busy, though. My internship at Channel Nine wrapped up the week of Thanksgiving. That whole experience was incredible, and definitely helped me realize that I had made the right decision in what I went to school for.

In what may be the best prank I've pulled, I had him convinced that someone took a dump in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw this week.

So there you have it! Comments tracker to follow.
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