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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
5th-Feb-2009 01:05 am
Conform by DirkDigital
We went and looked at that place in Rochester on Sunday night. It's not a bad place, it is a bit small, but it was cozy. We both filled out applications and the Lisa, the lady from the property management company said she'd get back to us on Tuesday.

Which she did, she said the apartment is ours if we want it. We found this out this morning when Emily called her back, cause she called while Emily was at work last night.

This afternoon we went and looked at a place in the Sawyer Mill Apartments complex. A couple places, actually, two different studio apartments. Since it's an old mill building every apartment has, basically, a different floor plan. The first one was okay, but not really what we were looking for. The second one was a little bit smaller, but in an L shape with a separate kitchen area, plus a nice window that looks out over the waterfall in the river. This is the apartment we decided to apply for.

After taking a nice little tour of the building it occured to the both of us that this complex is basically like a big college dorm for grown-ups. In fact, it reminded me a whole lot about living at Emmanuel. On each floor there are a number of "Trash Rooms" where you take your garbage and throw it down the chute, just like at Emmanuel, and also each floor has its own laundry room, which uses re-chargeable Mac Gray laundry cards...just like Emmanuel.

Each floor also has a "Community Room" where you can have parties and get-togethers if everyone you invite can't fit in your apartment. The woman also said they hold a holiday party every year in the Community Room as a way to get all the neighbors together.

It ALSO has a health and fitness center that's free to all residents.

The rent for the studio is $680 a month, fifteen dollars cheaper than the place in Rochester, but we'll have to also pay for the cats (for the first year, at least), electricity, cable, internet, and phone.

But, really, you get what you pay for. In the Rochester apartment it's $695 a month plus phone and internet, but you're just getting the apartment. At Sawyer Mill you get the apartment and the laundry facilities and the trash pickup and the fitness center and the community and everything.

And, hey, if we don't get accepted at Sawyer Mill, we have the Rochester apartment to fall back on.

Plus, the location, in Dover, is SO much more convenient than moving to Rochester. The road that this place is on, which is basically the driveway, it's the only thing on the road, is directly across the street from the Exit 7 off-ramp of Rte. 16, that's handy! It's also on 108, which is Emily's road to work at UNH. Being right there will make it incredibly easy to get anywhere.

So, fingers crossed for Sawyer Mill.

That's it for now.

Except to say that the date of the next NLP show has moved back from February 15th to February 22nd. Still on Sunday, still at 2:30pm with bell at 3:30, still at the Woburn Elks Lodge, 295 Washington Street, Woburn, MA, still $10 for adults, $5 for kids, it's just one week later than originally scheduled.

Now to keep looking for a job.
8th-Feb-2009 11:07 pm (UTC)
Cool stuff!
The Sawyer Mill apartment shape is like ours. L Shape with separate kitchen and our back wall is a giant window overlooking Manhattan. I hope you get it so we can be apartment twins in different areas! :D
8th-Feb-2009 11:10 pm (UTC)
Oh man...that sounds gorgeous.

Ours isn't a huge window, it's just a regular size window. If we get it I'll definitely take pictures. :)
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