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Recent Events!

Not a bad few weeks, certainly, except for that one little RKM thing, but hey, it'll all work out in the end. Anyway, I have pictures and news!

First up, I bought this stupid little penguin hat thing at Petco cause it was 10 cents, and I thought, How could you possibly turn up such hilarity for ten freakin cents? So, here are pictures of Angry!Reily and Angry!Lukie. And if anyone wants to upload 'em on ICHC and make funny captioned pictures of 'em, that's cool, too.

Next! This year Woot went back to its classic April Fool's Bag of Crap with $1,000,000 shipping charge. Once you figured out the coupon code, cleverly hidden in the product description or image or somewhere, it knocked the shipping down to its typical $5, and bang, the BoC was mine!

I was surprised at how large the box was! So was Lukie, apparently.

HUGE bubble wrap!

Bubble wrap removed

Up first is this pretty cool lava lamp.

Up next out of the box is this digital picture frame. I was sure that if anything in the box was going to be busted, it would be this.

But no! It works like a charm! It's probably going to end up holding pictures from Emily's trip to Europe from a couple years back.

And now this little copper tub thing...I think this may have been the container, the "bag", if you will.

Finally, two, TWO, 2XL-sized "YAY! Broccoli" shirts which, as you can see, fit me like a tent.

Now four random pictures.

Lukie was stalking the food that Em was preparing for dinner Friday night.

Neither of these came out as good as I wanted, but Lukie is still a parrot cat.

Alright, now that that's out of the way.

In nerd news, I finally figured out the easiest way to beat the awful AI in TNA iMPACT!'s story mode. For Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle I just alternated between my running grapple, a cross body, and my away grapple, a hip toss, because the first is hard to reverse and the second is un-reversable, jumping off the turnbuckle for double damage when they were stunned, and then doing my finisher whenever it came around. Jeff Jarrett, however, was able to counter the cross body, so fighting him involved just spamming the hell out of the hip toss, then the turnbuckle moves and finishers. But, yeah, beat that stupid story mode, so now I can just do exhibition matches til I unlock everything.

We decided to make Alton Brown's flowerpot roast chicken (from the "Gear For Your Kitchen" book) on Saturday night, and it came out quite well for a first attempt. I have to post to good_eats to see if they have any advice for the next try, but the brined bird came out tender and juicy and delicious. Recommended!

This week I have RKM tonight, then a vacation day tomorrow night, then a three-week leave of absence because Petco's gonna have me working 40-hour weeks, 9-6 each day. For the first two weeks, at least, don't know what the third week will hold. Should be good times, setting up the new store.

WrestleMania XXV was pretty much awesome, though Malcolm and I were pissed that they didn't show the Tag Title Unification match. I also ended up leaving my DS in Manchester after taking it out of my jacket pocket so I could download more Professor Layton puzzles through Malcolm's wi-fi.

Other than that things have been goin pretty good. The apartment's nice and cozy, the money's a bit slim (more on my end than hers) but we're workin through it. Aaaaaaaand that's about it.

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