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What a day...

So, for dinner tonight, I decided to make a ham to surprise Emily. My ham recipe of choice is AB's Ma Mae's recipe, which involves bourbon in the crust. Since you can't get bourbon at the grocery store I had to go to one of the NH state liquor outlets.

I said to myself, "I'll just GPS it, Matilda'll know where it is!"

Matilda said that the closest State Liquor store was in Barrington. So I drove to Barrington, and Matilda lead me down a dead-end street. I turned around and Matilda said that the next-closest store was in Rochester. So I drove from Barrington to Rochester and Matilda led me to a Ben Franklin Crafts.

So I drove from Rochester to Portsmouth where I KNEW where the Liquor store was and went to Hannaford after that, and got everything I needed, and it's now in the oven.

So, just for shits and giggles I went to the New Hampshire Liquor Commission website to use their store locator. Turns out there isn't a store in Barrington at all, the store in Rochester is in the Lilac Mall, and there's a friggin store right here in Dover.

Also, when I was in the parking lot near the liquor store it didn't show up in Matilda's listings.

The moral of the story is this: When you need to get to a liquor store, don't trust your freakin' GPS.
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