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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Japanese for asshole! 
15th-Mar-2010 12:23 am
Cheer Up Emo Christ
Karaoke, my friends, is amazing.

I love it, I always open with Margaritaville, cause that gets me in my groove, but every time I’m always nervous as hell beforehand.

Tonight was no different. We had a bunch of folks from Old Navy out cause it’s Vinny’s and Debbie’s birthdays coming up, plus Vinny’s mom showed up for a bit, and Kate Mac and her boyfriend were there for a short while, and Aimee’s sister Julia was there as well.

She kept sniffing my drinks cause she didn’t believe that I was sober, but more on that later.

So we start out, I open with Margaritaville, all is well. I impressed the crowd, I was told, apparently they were singing along with the choruses.

The night continues and I break out “Land of Confusion” by Genesis.

Then Vinny, RC, Kurt and I rock “Fuck her Gently” by Tenacious D.

I immediately follow that with “Africa” by Toto.

Then I find my Holy Grail. A song so obscure the karaoke DJ didn’t even know he had it in his book...

I sang “Enormous Penis” by Da Vinci’s Notebook.

Go ahead, read that sentence as many times as you need to, I’ll wait...


So anyway, back to my questionable sobriety.

Julia was amazed that I’m crazy enough to dance, sing, and make a general all-out ass of myself without a drop of liquor entering my mouth.

It’s just the way I am, folks.

So anyway, great night. Next week, I believe, is Trivia Night at Applebee’s.
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